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nsqadmin is the Web UI to view message statistics and to perform administrative tasks like removing a channel.

Command Line Options

-graphite-url="": URL to graphite HTTP address
-http-address="": <addr>:<port> to listen on for HTTP clients
-lookupd-http-address=[]: lookupd HTTP address (may be given multiple times)
-notification-http-endpoint="": HTTP endpoint (fully qualified) to which POST notifications of admin actions will be sent
-nsqd-http-address=[]: nsqd HTTP address (may be given multiple times)
-proxy-graphite=false: Proxy HTTP requests to graphite
-template-dir="": path to templates directory
-use-statsd-prefixes=true: expect statsd prefixed keys in graphite (ie: 'stats_counts.')
-version=false: print version string

statsd / Graphite Integration

When using nsqd --statsd-address=... you can specify a nsqadmin --graphite-url=http://graphite.yourdomain.com to enable graphite charts in nsqadmin. If using a statsd clone (like gographite) that does not prefix keys, also specify --use-statsd-prefix=false.

Admin Notifications

If the --notification-http-endpoint flag is set, nsqadmin will send a POST request to the specified (fully qualified) endpoint each time an admin action (such as pausing a channel) is performed.

The body of the request contains information about the action, like so:

{ "action": "unpause_channel", "channel": "mouth", "topic": "beer", "timestamp": 1357683731, "user": "df", "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Iphone 8)" "remote_ip": "" }

The user field will be filled if a username is present in the request made to nsqadmin, say if it were running with htpasswd authentication or behind google-auth-proxy, otherwise it will be an empty string. The channel field will also be an empty string when not applicable.

Hint: You can create an NSQ stream of admin action notifications with the topic name admin_actions by setting --notification-http-endpoint to http://addr.of.nsqd/put?topic=admin_actions


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