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type ArdiBuild

type ArdiBuild struct {
	Directory string            `json:"directory"`
	Sketch    string            `json:"sketch"`
	Baud      int               `json:"baud"`
	FQBN      string            `json:"fqbn"`
	Props     map[string]string `json:"props"`

ArdiBuild represents the build properties in ardi.json

type ArdiConfig

type ArdiConfig struct {
	Platforms map[string]string    `json:"platforms"`
	BoardURLS []string             `json:"boardUrls"`
	Libraries map[string]string    `json:"libraries"`
	Builds    map[string]ArdiBuild `json:"builds"`

ArdiConfig represents the ardi.json file

type ArduinoCliSettings

type ArduinoCliSettings struct {
	BoardManager BoardManager `yaml:"board_manager"`
	Daemon       Daemon       `yaml:"daemon"`
	Directories  Directories  `yaml:"directories"`
	Installation Installation `yaml:"installation"`
	Library      Library      `yaml:"library"`
	Logging      Logging      `yaml:"logging"`
	Metrics      Metrics      `yaml:"metrics"`

ArduinoCliSettings represents yaml config for arduino-cli daemon

type BoardManager

type BoardManager struct {
	AdditionalUrls []string `yaml:"additional_urls"`

BoardManager board_manager config for arduino-cli grpc server

type Daemon

type Daemon struct {
	Port string `yaml:"port"`

Daemon daemon configuration

type Directories

type Directories struct {
	Data      string `yaml:"data"`
	Downloads string `yaml:"downloads"`
	User      string `yaml:"user"`

Directories paths where arduino-cli grpc server can find data

type Installation

type Installation struct {
	ID     string `yaml:"id"`
	Secret string `yaml:"secret"`

Installation ID

type Library

type Library struct {
	EnableUnsafeInstall bool `yaml:"enable_unsafe_install"`

Library key for arduino-cli

type Logging

type Logging struct {
	File   string `yaml:"file"`
	Format string `yaml:"format"`
	Level  string `yaml:"level"`

Logging logging configuration

type Metrics

type Metrics struct {
	Addr    string `yaml:"addr"`
	Enabled bool   `yaml:"enabled"`

Metrics enable/disable flag for arduino-cli grpc server

type Project

type Project struct {
	Directory string
	Sketch    string
	Baud      int

Project represents and arduino project

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