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const (
	MAIL_AUTH_ACTIVATE        = "auth/activate"
	MAIL_AUTH_ACTIVATE_EMAIL  = "auth/activate_email"
	MAIL_AUTH_RESET_PASSWORD  = "auth/reset_passwd"
	MAIL_AUTH_REGISTER_NOTIFY = "auth/register_notify"

	MAIL_ISSUE_COMMENT = "issue/comment"
	MAIL_ISSUE_MENTION = "issue/mention"

	MAIL_NOTIFY_COLLABORATOR = "notify/collaborator"


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func InitMailRender

func InitMailRender(dir, appendDir string, funcMap []template.FuncMap)

func LoginAuth

func LoginAuth(username, password string) smtp.Auth


func NewContext

func NewContext()

NewContext initializes settings for mailer.

func Send added in v0.11.29

func Send(msg *Message)

Send puts new message object into mail queue. It returns without confirmation (mail processed asynchronously) in normal cases, but waits/blocks under hook mode to make sure mail has been sent.

func SendActivateAccountMail

func SendActivateAccountMail(c *macaron.Context, u User)

func SendActivateEmailMail

func SendActivateEmailMail(c *macaron.Context, u User, email string)

SendActivateAccountMail sends confirmation email.

func SendCollaboratorMail

func SendCollaboratorMail(u, doer User, repo Repository)

SendCollaboratorMail sends mail notification to new collaborator.

func SendIssueCommentMail

func SendIssueCommentMail(issue Issue, repo Repository, doer User, tos []string)

SendIssueCommentMail composes and sends issue comment emails to target receivers.

func SendIssueMentionMail

func SendIssueMentionMail(issue Issue, repo Repository, doer User, tos []string)

SendIssueMentionMail composes and sends issue mention emails to target receivers.

func SendRegisterNotifyMail

func SendRegisterNotifyMail(c *macaron.Context, u User)

SendRegisterNotifyMail triggers a notify e-mail by admin created a account.

func SendResetPasswordMail

func SendResetPasswordMail(c *macaron.Context, u User)

func SendTestMail

func SendTestMail(email string) error

func SendUserMail

func SendUserMail(c *macaron.Context, u User, tpl, code, subject, info string)


type Issue

type Issue interface {
	MailSubject() string
	Content() string
	HTMLURL() string

type MailRender

type MailRender interface {
	HTMLString(string, interface{}, ...macaron.HTMLOptions) (string, error)

type Message

type Message struct {
	Info string // Message information for log purpose.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMessage

func NewMessage(to []string, subject, body string) *Message

NewMessage creates new mail message object with default From header.

func NewMessageFrom

func NewMessageFrom(to []string, from, subject, htmlBody string) *Message

NewMessageFrom creates new mail message object with custom From header.

type Repository

type Repository interface {
	FullName() string
	HTMLURL() string
	ComposeMetas() map[string]string

type Sender

type Sender struct {

func (*Sender) Send

func (s *Sender) Send(from string, to []string, msg io.WriterTo) error

type User

type User interface {
	ID() int64
	DisplayName() string
	Email() string
	GenerateActivateCode() string
	GenerateEmailActivateCode(string) string

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