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Package files contains functions and types that help with file and directory processing.



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var (
	ErrNotDirectory error

Errors returned by the files packages


func GetFileMd5

func GetFileMd5(ff string) string


type DirMode

type DirMode uint32

A DirMode represents flags that define the behavior of the DirReader.

const (
	N_RECURSE DirMode = 0
	D_RECURSE DirMode = 1 << iota // Recurse all subdirectories

type DirReader

type DirReader struct {
	Filter Filter
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A DirReader iterates through the files and subdirectories contained within a directory.

func NewDirReader

func NewDirReader(dir string, mode DirMode) (*DirReader, error)

NewDirReader creates a DirReader rooted at the specified directory.

func (*DirReader) Next

func (r *DirReader) Next() (*FileInfo, error)

Next iterates to the next available file in the directory and returns its FileInfo. Returns a nil FileInfo when complete.

type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	Path string

A FileInfo contains a file's full path. It also embeds an os.FileInfo.

type Filter

type Filter interface {
	Eval(f *FileInfo) bool

A Filter interface is used to define rules to include or exclude a file in the results of a Next() iteration.

func DirFilter

func DirFilter() Filter

DirFilter creates a filter that accepts only directories (not files).

func FileFilter

func FileFilter() Filter

FileFilter creates a filter that accepts only files (not directories).

func MultiFilter

func MultiFilter(filters ...Filter) Filter

MultiFilter creates a filter composed of several other filters.

func RegexpFilter

func RegexpFilter(pattern string) Filter

RegexpFilter creates a filter that returns true when the regular expression matches the file's full path.

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