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A linter for exercism language track repositories.

The API that delivers language-specific exercism problems makes certain assumptions. Configlet makes it simple to verify up-front that the changes to existing problems or the addition of new problems will play nicely with the API.

Configlet checks for the following configuration issues:

  1. config.json contents that are invalid according to the specification.
  2. Inconsistencies between the lists of track slugs in config.json and the corresponding implementation files:
    • Slugs referenced in config.json that have no corresponding implementation.
    • Slugs referenced in config.json whose implementation is missing an example solution.
    • Implementations for slugs that are not referenced in config.json.
    • Implementations for slugs that have been declared as foregone in config.json.


$ configlet path/to/problem/repository

If you have installed the configlet binary and are at the root of an exercism language track, then you can run the following:

$ configlet .



Command configlet sanity-checks Exercism track configuration.

Each track has a script that downloads the binary to run on Travis CI.

See for more information about the project.

Compile the CLI:

$ go build -o out/configlet

Run the command:

$ path/to/configlet path/to/track

Cross-compile using the build script:

$ bin/build

To verify the command, use the fixture files:

$ go build -o out/configlet
$ out/configlet configlet/fixtures/track

The command should exit with status 1, and output a list of issues.


Path Synopsis
Package configlet sanity-checks Exercism track configuration.
Package configlet sanity-checks Exercism track configuration.

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