Package option contains optional arguments for rockset.RockClient convenience methods.



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type AWSCredentials

type AWSCredentials struct {

type AWSCredentialsFn

type AWSCredentialsFn func(o *AWSCredentials)

func AWSKeys

func AWSKeys(accessKey, secretKey string) AWSCredentialsFn

func AWSRole

func AWSRole(roleARN string) AWSCredentialsFn

type CSV

type CSV func(*openapi.CsvParams)

func WithEncoding

func WithEncoding(encoding string) CSV

func WithEscapeChar

func WithEscapeChar(escape string) CSV

WithEscapeChar sets the CSV escape character. Defaults to \

func WithFirstLineAsColumnNames

func WithFirstLineAsColumnNames() CSV

WithFirstLineAsColumnNames enables the use of the first row as the column names

func WithQuoteChar

func WithQuoteChar(quote string) CSV

WithQuoteChar sets the CSV quote character. Defaults to "

func WithSeparator

func WithSeparator(separator string) CSV

WithSeparator sets the CSV separator. Defaults to ,

type CollectionOption

type CollectionOption func(o *openapi.CreateCollectionRequest)

func WithCollectionClusteringKey

func WithCollectionClusteringKey(fieldName, fieldType string, keys []string) CollectionOption

WithCollectionClusteringKey adds a clustering key. Can be specified multiple times.

func WithCollectionEventTimeInfo

func WithCollectionEventTimeInfo(fieldName, tz string, format EventTimeInfoFormat) CollectionOption

WithCollectionEventTimeInfo configures event data. fieldName is name of the field containing event time. format of time field, can be one of: milliseconds_since_epoch, seconds_since_epoch ts is the default time zone, in standard IANA format

func WithCollectionFieldMapping

func WithCollectionFieldMapping(name string, dropAll bool, outputField OutputFieldFn,
	inputFields ...InputFieldFn) CollectionOption

WithCollectionFieldMapping adds a field mapping to the collection. If dropAll is true, the input and output fields are not set.

func WithCollectionFieldSchema

func WithCollectionFieldSchema(fieldName string, options ...FieldOption) CollectionOption

func WithCollectionRetention

func WithCollectionRetention(d time.Duration) CollectionOption

WithCollectionRetention sets the retention in seconds for documents.

type ColumnIndexMode

type ColumnIndexMode string
const (
	ColumnIndexModeStore   ColumnIndexMode = "store"
	ColumnIndexModeNoStore ColumnIndexMode = "no_store"

func (ColumnIndexMode) String

func (c ColumnIndexMode) String() string

type DynamoDBIntegration

type DynamoDBIntegration struct {
	Description *string

type DynamoDBIntegrationOption

type DynamoDBIntegrationOption func(request *DynamoDBIntegration)

func WithDynamoDBIntegrationDescription

func WithDynamoDBIntegrationDescription(desc string) DynamoDBIntegrationOption

type EventTimeInfoFormat

type EventTimeInfoFormat string
const (
	MillisecondsSinceEpoch EventTimeInfoFormat = "milliseconds_since_epoch"
	SecondsSinceEpoch      EventTimeInfoFormat = "seconds_since_epoch"

type ExecuteQueryLambdaRequest

type ExecuteQueryLambdaRequest struct {
	Tag     string
	Version string

type FieldMissingAction

type FieldMissingAction string
const (
	FieldMissingSkip FieldMissingAction = "SKIP"
	FieldMissingPass FieldMissingAction = "PASS"

func (FieldMissingAction) String

func (f FieldMissingAction) String() string

type FieldOption

type FieldOption func(*openapi.FieldOptions)

func WithColumnIndexMode

func WithColumnIndexMode(mode ColumnIndexMode) FieldOption

func WithIndexMode

func WithIndexMode(mode IndexMode) FieldOption

func WithRangeIndexMode

func WithRangeIndexMode(mode RangeIndexMode) FieldOption

func WithTypeIndexMode

func WithTypeIndexMode(mode TypeIndexMode) FieldOption

type GCSCredentialsFn

type GCSCredentialsFn func(*openapi.GcpServiceAccount)

func GCSServiceAccount

func GCSServiceAccount(json string) GCSCredentialsFn

type GCSIntegration

type GCSIntegration struct {
	Description *string

type GCSIntegrationOption

type GCSIntegrationOption func(request *GCSIntegration)

func WithGCSIntegrationDescription

func WithGCSIntegrationDescription(desc string) GCSIntegrationOption

type IndexMode

type IndexMode string
const (
	IndexModeIndex   IndexMode = "index"
	IndexModeNoIndex IndexMode = "no_index"

func (IndexMode) String

func (i IndexMode) String() string

type InputFieldFn

type InputFieldFn func(field *openapi.InputField)

func InputField

func InputField(fieldName string, ifMissing FieldMissingAction, drop bool, parameterName string) InputFieldFn

type KinesisIntegration

type KinesisIntegration struct {
	Description *string

type KinesisIntegrationOption

type KinesisIntegrationOption func(request *KinesisIntegration)

func WithKinesisIntegrationDescription

func WithKinesisIntegrationDescription(desc string) KinesisIntegrationOption

type OnError

type OnError string
const (
	OnErrorSkip OnError = "SKIP"
	OnErrorFail OnError = "FAIL"

func (OnError) String

func (e OnError) String() string

type OutputFieldFn

type OutputFieldFn func(field *openapi.OutputField)

func OutputField

func OutputField(fieldName string, sql string, onError OnError) OutputFieldFn

type QueryLambdaOption

type QueryLambdaOption func(request *ExecuteQueryLambdaRequest)

func WithParameter2

func WithParameter2(name, valueType, value string) QueryLambdaOption

func WithRowLimit2

func WithRowLimit2(limit int32) QueryLambdaOption

func WithTag

func WithTag(tag string) QueryLambdaOption

func WithVersion

func WithVersion(version string) QueryLambdaOption

func WithWarnings2

func WithWarnings2() QueryLambdaOption

type QueryOption

type QueryOption func(request *openapi.QueryRequestSql)

func WithParameter

func WithParameter(name, valueType, value string) QueryOption

func WithProfiling

func WithProfiling() QueryOption

func WithRowLimit

func WithRowLimit(limit int32) QueryOption

func WithWarnings

func WithWarnings() QueryOption

type RangeIndexMode

type RangeIndexMode string
const (
	RangeIndexModeV1Index RangeIndexMode = "v1_index"
	RangeIndexModeNoIndex RangeIndexMode = "no_index"

func (RangeIndexMode) String

func (r RangeIndexMode) String() string

type S3Integration

type S3Integration struct {
	Description *string

type S3IntegrationOption

type S3IntegrationOption func(request *S3Integration)

func WithS3IntegrationDescription

func WithS3IntegrationDescription(desc string) S3IntegrationOption

type TypeIndexMode

type TypeIndexMode string
const (
	TypeIndexModeIndex   TypeIndexMode = "index"
	TypeIndexModeNoIndex TypeIndexMode = "no_index"

func (TypeIndexMode) String

func (t TypeIndexMode) String() string