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package http contains http related actions



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func ActionCacheControlRequestDirectives added in v0.4.7

func ActionCacheControlRequestDirectives() carapace.Action

ActionCacheControlRequestDirectives completes Cache-Control directives for a request

no-store (The response may not be stored in any cache.)
no-transform (An intermediate cache or proxy cannot edit the response body.)

func ActionContentEncodingTokens

func ActionContentEncodingTokens() carapace.Action

ActionContentEncodingTokens completes content encoding tokens

br (Brotli)
gzip (GNU zip format)

func ActionMediaTypes

func ActionMediaTypes() carapace.Action

ActionMediaTypes completes media types


func ActionOpenApiPaths added in v0.11.4

func ActionOpenApiPaths(opts OpenApiPathOpts) carapace.Action

ActionOpenApiPaths completes api paths

  http.ActionOpenApiPaths(http.OpenApiPathOpts{Spec: "petstore.json"}).
		MultiPartsP("/", "{.*}", func(placeholder string, matches map[string]string) carapace.Action {
			switch placeholder {
			case "{petId}":
				return carapace.ActionValues("pet1", "pet2", "pet3")
			case "{orderId}":
				return carapace.ActionValues("order1", "order2", "order3")
			case "{username}":
				return carapace.ActionValues("user1", "user2", "user3")
				return carapace.ActionValues()

func ActionRequestHeaderNames added in v0.12.1

func ActionRequestHeaderNames() carapace.Action

ActionRequestHeaderNames completes http request header names

Accept-Charset (Character sets that are acceptable.)
Accept-Datetime (Acceptable version in time.)

func ActionRequestHeaderValues added in v0.12.1

func ActionRequestHeaderValues(header string) carapace.Action

ActionRequestHeaderValues completes values for given request header


func ActionRequestHeaders added in v0.12.1

func ActionRequestHeaders() carapace.Action

ActionRequestHeaders completes http request headers


func ActionRequestMethods

func ActionRequestMethods() carapace.Action

ActionRequestMethods completes request methods

DELETE (The DELETE method deletes the specified resource.)
GET (The GET method requests a representation of the specified resource.)

func ActionStatusCodes added in v0.6.5

func ActionStatusCodes() carapace.Action

ActionStatusCodes completes http status codes

100 (Continue)
200 (OK)

func ActionTags added in v0.12.1

func ActionTags() carapace.Action

ActionTags completes html tags

a (Defines a hyperlink)
abbr (Defines an abbreviation or an acronym)

func ActionTransferEncodingTokens added in v0.4.7

func ActionTransferEncodingTokens() carapace.Action

ActionTransferEncodingTokens completes transfer encoding tokens

chunked (Transfer in a series of chunks)
gzip (GZIP file format)

func ActionUrls added in v0.13.3

func ActionUrls() carapace.Action

ActionUrls completes known hosts and ports as urls

func ActionUserAgents added in v0.4.7

func ActionUserAgents() carapace.Action

ActionUserAgents completes common user agents

curl/7.35.0 (Curl)
Lynx/2.8.8pre.4 libwww-FM/2.14 SSL-MM/1.4.1 GNUTLS/2.12.23 (Lynx)


type OpenApiPathOpts added in v0.26.0

type OpenApiPathOpts struct {
	Spec   string
	Method string

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