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Published: Apr 30, 2020 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:



const (
	AWSAccessKey       = "accessKey"
	AWSAccessSecret    = "accessKeyID"
	StorageIntegration = "storageIntegration"
	SFAccount          = "account"
	SFWarehouse        = "warehouse"
	SFDbName           = "database"
	SFUserName         = "user"
	SFPassword         = "password"

String constants for snowflake destination config

type HandleT

type HandleT struct {
	DbHandle      *sql.DB
	Db            *sql.DB
	Namespace     string
	CurrentSchema map[string]map[string]string
	Warehouse     warehouseutils.WarehouseT
	Upload        warehouseutils.UploadT
	CloudProvider string
	ObjectStorage string

func (*HandleT) CrashRecover

func (sf *HandleT) CrashRecover(config warehouseutils.ConfigT) (err error)

func (*HandleT) Export

func (sf *HandleT) Export() (err error)

func (*HandleT) MigrateSchema

func (sf *HandleT) MigrateSchema() (err error)

func (*HandleT) Process

func (sf *HandleT) Process(config warehouseutils.ConfigT) (err error)

type OptionalCredsT

type OptionalCredsT struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type SnowflakeCredentialsT

type SnowflakeCredentialsT struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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