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type OnionScan

type OnionScan struct {
	Config *config.OnionScanConfig

OnionScan runs the main procol level scans

func (*OnionScan) Do

func (os *OnionScan) Do(osreport *report.OnionScanReport) error

Do performs all configured protocol level scans in this run.

func (*OnionScan) GetAllActions

func (os *OnionScan) GetAllActions() []string

GetAllActions returns a list of all possible protocol level scans.

func (*OnionScan) PerformNextAction

func (os *OnionScan) PerformNextAction(report *report.OnionScanReport, nextAction string) error

PerformNextAction determined which scan to run next, and runs it.

type Pipeline

type Pipeline struct {
	Steps   []PipelineStep
	Reports chan *report.OnionScanReport

Pipeline is a construct for managing a set of crawls, analysis and output sinks

func (*Pipeline) AddStep

func (p *Pipeline) AddStep(step PipelineStep)

AddStep adds a new step to the pipeline.

func (*Pipeline) Execute

func (p *Pipeline) Execute(hiddenService string)

Execute takes a hidden service address and puts it through the configured pipeline.

func (*Pipeline) Init

func (p *Pipeline) Init(reportChannel chan *report.OnionScanReport)

Init sets up a pipeline, reporting all results on the given channel

type PipelineStep

type PipelineStep interface {
	Do(*report.OnionScanReport) error

PipelineStep is an interface that functions can use to declare themselves as a pipeline step


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