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Package query implements the UT3 query protocol as described on http://wiki.unrealadmin.org/UT3_query_protocol. It is composed of a handshake, followed by data sent by the server that responds to a query sent by the client.

Where some server softwares (most common public ones, such as PocketMine) support this query protocol, others do not. A different kind of 'query', which is supported by all servers, may be performed using the go-raknet library. (raknet.Ping()) Server softwares which do not implement the query protocol include the Bedrock Dedicated Server.



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func Do

func Do(address string) (information map[string]string, err error)

Do queries a server at the address passed using the UT3 query protocol. If the server responds, a map containing information is returned. Note that some servers do not support querying, in which case the query will time out. Do will take at most five seconds to try and get the query information.


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