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type FakeServicePubSub

type FakeServicePubSub struct {
	TopicIDsFn           func() []string
	AddPubSubNamespaceFn func(topicName string) string
	PublishToPubsubFn    func(
		ctx context.Context,
		topicID string,
		payload []byte,
	) error
	EnsureTopicsExistFn func(
		ctx context.Context,
		topicIDs []string,
	) error
	EnsureSubscriptionsExistFn func(
		ctx context.Context,
	) error
	SubscriptionIDsFn           func() map[string]string
	ReceivePubSubPushMessagesFn func(
		w http.ResponseWriter,
		r *http.Request,
	AddEngagementPubsubNameSpaceFn func(topic string) string
	NotifyCreateContactFn          func(ctx context.Context, contact domain.CRMContact) error
	NotifyUpdateContactFn          func(ctx context.Context, contact domain.CRMContact) error
	NotifyCreateCustomerFn         func(ctx context.Context, data dto.CustomerPubSubMessage) error
	NotifyCreateSupplierFn         func(ctx context.Context, data dto.SupplierPubSubMessage) error
	NotifyCoverLinkingFn           func(ctx context.Context, data dto.LinkCoverPubSubMessage) error
	EDIMemberCoverLinkingFn        func(ctx context.Context, data dto.LinkCoverPubSubMessage) error

FakeServicePubSub ...

func (*FakeServicePubSub) AddEngagementPubsubNameSpace

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) AddEngagementPubsubNameSpace(topic string) string

AddEngagementPubsubNameSpace ...

func (*FakeServicePubSub) AddPubSubNamespace

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) AddPubSubNamespace(topicName string) string

AddPubSubNamespace ...

func (*FakeServicePubSub) EDIMemberCoverLinking added in v0.0.23

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) EDIMemberCoverLinking(ctx context.Context, data dto.LinkCoverPubSubMessage) error

EDIMemberCoverLinking represents a mock of the EDIMemberCoverLinking

func (*FakeServicePubSub) EnsureSubscriptionsExist

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) EnsureSubscriptionsExist(
	ctx context.Context,
) error

EnsureSubscriptionsExist ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) EnsureTopicsExist

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) EnsureTopicsExist(
	ctx context.Context,
	topicIDs []string,
) error

EnsureTopicsExist ...

func (*FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCoverLinking

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCoverLinking(ctx context.Context, data dto.LinkCoverPubSubMessage) error

NotifyCoverLinking ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateContact

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateContact(ctx context.Context, contact domain.CRMContact) error

NotifyCreateContact ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateCustomer

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateCustomer(ctx context.Context, data dto.CustomerPubSubMessage) error

NotifyCreateCustomer ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateSupplier

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) NotifyCreateSupplier(ctx context.Context, data dto.SupplierPubSubMessage) error

NotifyCreateSupplier ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) NotifyUpdateContact

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) NotifyUpdateContact(ctx context.Context, contact domain.CRMContact) error

NotifyUpdateContact ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) PublishToPubsub

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) PublishToPubsub(
	ctx context.Context,
	topicID string,
	payload []byte,
) error

PublishToPubsub ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) ReceivePubSubPushMessages

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) ReceivePubSubPushMessages(
	w http.ResponseWriter,
	r *http.Request,

ReceivePubSubPushMessages ...

func (*FakeServicePubSub) SubscriptionIDs

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) SubscriptionIDs() map[string]string

SubscriptionIDs ..

func (*FakeServicePubSub) TopicIDs

func (m *FakeServicePubSub) TopicIDs() []string

TopicIDs returns the known (registered) topic IDs

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