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type AccessoriesPage

type AccessoriesPage struct {
	Page Page

type AccountPage

type AccountPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*AccountPage) CreateAnAccount

func (s *AccountPage) CreateAnAccount() *RegisterPage

type CategoryPage

type CategoryPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*CategoryPage) SelectProduct

func (s *CategoryPage) SelectProduct() *ProductPage

type CheckoutPage

type CheckoutPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*CheckoutPage) ProceedToCheckout

func (*CheckoutPage) ProceedToCheckout()

type HomePage

type HomePage struct {
	Page Page

func (*HomePage) GoToAccessoriesPage

func (s *HomePage) GoToAccessoriesPage() *AccessoriesPage

func (*HomePage) GoToAccountPage

func (s *HomePage) GoToAccountPage() *AccountPage

func (*HomePage) GoToMenPage

func (s *HomePage) GoToMenPage() *MenPage

func (*HomePage) GoToSalePage

func (s *HomePage) GoToSalePage() *SalePage

func (*HomePage) GoToWomenPage

func (s *HomePage) GoToWomenPage() *WomenPage

type MenPage

type MenPage struct {
	Page Page

type Page

type Page struct {
	Driver selenium.WebDriver

func (*Page) FindElementByClass

func (s *Page) FindElementByClass(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementByCss

func (s *Page) FindElementByCss(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementById

func (s *Page) FindElementById(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementByLinkText

func (s *Page) FindElementByLinkText(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementByName

func (s *Page) FindElementByName(locator string) selenium.WebElement
func (s *Page) FindElementByPartialLink(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementByTag

func (s *Page) FindElementByTag(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementByXpath

func (s *Page) FindElementByXpath(locator string) selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByClass

func (s *Page) FindElementsByClass(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByCss

func (s *Page) FindElementsByCss(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsById

func (s *Page) FindElementsById(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByLinkText

func (s *Page) FindElementsByLinkText(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByName

func (s *Page) FindElementsByName(locator string) []selenium.WebElement
func (s *Page) FindElementsByPartialLink(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByTag

func (s *Page) FindElementsByTag(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) FindElementsByXpath

func (s *Page) FindElementsByXpath(locator string) []selenium.WebElement

func (*Page) MouseHoverToElement

func (s *Page) MouseHoverToElement(locator string) selenium.WebElement

type ProductPage

type ProductPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*ProductPage) AddProductToCart

func (s *ProductPage) AddProductToCart() *CheckoutPage

type RegisterPage

type RegisterPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*RegisterPage) Register

func (s *RegisterPage) Register() *AccountPage

type SalePage

type SalePage struct {
	Page Page

type WomenPage

type WomenPage struct {
	Page Page

func (*WomenPage) SelectCategory

func (s *WomenPage) SelectCategory() *CategoryPage

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