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Package pathprobe contains methods to probe scion paths. This is heplful to detect path status.



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func FilterEmptyPaths added in v0.5.0

func FilterEmptyPaths(paths []snet.Path) []snet.Path

FilterEmptyPaths removes all empty paths from paths and returns a copy.

func PathKey

func PathKey(path snet.Path) string

PathKey is the mapping of a path reply entry to a key that is returned in GetStatuses.


type Prober

type Prober struct {
	DstIA   addr.IA
	LocalIA addr.IA
	LocalIP net.IP

Prober can be used to get the status of a path.

func (Prober) GetStatuses

func (p Prober) GetStatuses(ctx context.Context,
	paths []snet.Path) (map[string]Status, error)

GetStatuses probes the paths and returns the statuses of the paths. The returned map is keyed with path.Path.FwdPath. The input should only be non-empty paths.

type Status

type Status struct {
	Status         StatusName
	AdditionalInfo string

Status indicates the state a path is in.

func (Status) String

func (s Status) String() string

type StatusName

type StatusName string

StatusName defines the different states a path can be in.

const (
	// StatusUnknown indicates that it is not clear what state the path is in.
	StatusUnknown StatusName = "Unknown"
	// StatusTimeout indicates that a reply did come back in time for the path.
	StatusTimeout StatusName = "Timeout"
	// StatusAlive indicates that the expected reply did come back in time.
	StatusAlive StatusName = "Alive"
	// StatusSCMP indicates that an unexpected SCMP packet came in the reply.
	StatusSCMP StatusName = "SCMP"

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