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Package support provides a client for AWS Support.



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type AddAttachmentsToSetRequest

type AddAttachmentsToSetRequest struct {
	AttachmentSetID aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentSetId,omitempty"`
	Attachments     []Attachment    `json:"attachments"`

AddAttachmentsToSetRequest is undocumented.

type AddAttachmentsToSetResponse

type AddAttachmentsToSetResponse struct {
	AttachmentSetID aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentSetId,omitempty"`
	ExpiryTime      aws.StringValue `json:"expiryTime,omitempty"`

AddAttachmentsToSetResponse is undocumented.

type AddCommunicationToCaseRequest

type AddCommunicationToCaseRequest struct {
	AttachmentSetID   aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentSetId,omitempty"`
	CaseID            aws.StringValue `json:"caseId,omitempty"`
	CCEmailAddresses  []string        `json:"ccEmailAddresses,omitempty"`
	CommunicationBody aws.StringValue `json:"communicationBody"`

AddCommunicationToCaseRequest is undocumented.

type AddCommunicationToCaseResponse

type AddCommunicationToCaseResponse struct {
	Result aws.BooleanValue `json:"result,omitempty"`

AddCommunicationToCaseResponse is undocumented.

type Attachment

type Attachment struct {
	Data     []byte          `json:"data,omitempty"`
	FileName aws.StringValue `json:"fileName,omitempty"`

Attachment is undocumented.

type AttachmentDetails

type AttachmentDetails struct {
	AttachmentID aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentId,omitempty"`
	FileName     aws.StringValue `json:"fileName,omitempty"`

AttachmentDetails is undocumented.

type CaseDetails

type CaseDetails struct {
	CaseID               aws.StringValue           `json:"caseId,omitempty"`
	CategoryCode         aws.StringValue           `json:"categoryCode,omitempty"`
	CCEmailAddresses     []string                  `json:"ccEmailAddresses,omitempty"`
	DisplayID            aws.StringValue           `json:"displayId,omitempty"`
	Language             aws.StringValue           `json:"language,omitempty"`
	RecentCommunications *RecentCaseCommunications `json:"recentCommunications,omitempty"`
	ServiceCode          aws.StringValue           `json:"serviceCode,omitempty"`
	SeverityCode         aws.StringValue           `json:"severityCode,omitempty"`
	Status               aws.StringValue           `json:"status,omitempty"`
	Subject              aws.StringValue           `json:"subject,omitempty"`
	SubmittedBy          aws.StringValue           `json:"submittedBy,omitempty"`
	TimeCreated          aws.StringValue           `json:"timeCreated,omitempty"`

CaseDetails is undocumented.

type Category

type Category struct {
	Code aws.StringValue `json:"code,omitempty"`
	Name aws.StringValue `json:"name,omitempty"`

Category is undocumented.

type Communication

type Communication struct {
	AttachmentSet []AttachmentDetails `json:"attachmentSet,omitempty"`
	Body          aws.StringValue     `json:"body,omitempty"`
	CaseID        aws.StringValue     `json:"caseId,omitempty"`
	SubmittedBy   aws.StringValue     `json:"submittedBy,omitempty"`
	TimeCreated   aws.StringValue     `json:"timeCreated,omitempty"`

Communication is undocumented.

type CreateCaseRequest

type CreateCaseRequest struct {
	AttachmentSetID   aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentSetId,omitempty"`
	CategoryCode      aws.StringValue `json:"categoryCode,omitempty"`
	CCEmailAddresses  []string        `json:"ccEmailAddresses,omitempty"`
	CommunicationBody aws.StringValue `json:"communicationBody"`
	IssueType         aws.StringValue `json:"issueType,omitempty"`
	Language          aws.StringValue `json:"language,omitempty"`
	ServiceCode       aws.StringValue `json:"serviceCode,omitempty"`
	SeverityCode      aws.StringValue `json:"severityCode,omitempty"`
	Subject           aws.StringValue `json:"subject"`

CreateCaseRequest is undocumented.

type CreateCaseResponse

type CreateCaseResponse struct {
	CaseID aws.StringValue `json:"caseId,omitempty"`

CreateCaseResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeAttachmentRequest

type DescribeAttachmentRequest struct {
	AttachmentID aws.StringValue `json:"attachmentId"`

DescribeAttachmentRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeAttachmentResponse

type DescribeAttachmentResponse struct {
	Attachment *Attachment `json:"attachment,omitempty"`

DescribeAttachmentResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeCasesRequest

type DescribeCasesRequest struct {
	AfterTime             aws.StringValue  `json:"afterTime,omitempty"`
	BeforeTime            aws.StringValue  `json:"beforeTime,omitempty"`
	CaseIDList            []string         `json:"caseIdList,omitempty"`
	DisplayID             aws.StringValue  `json:"displayId,omitempty"`
	IncludeCommunications aws.BooleanValue `json:"includeCommunications,omitempty"`
	IncludeResolvedCases  aws.BooleanValue `json:"includeResolvedCases,omitempty"`
	Language              aws.StringValue  `json:"language,omitempty"`
	MaxResults            aws.IntegerValue `json:"maxResults,omitempty"`
	NextToken             aws.StringValue  `json:"nextToken,omitempty"`

DescribeCasesRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeCasesResponse

type DescribeCasesResponse struct {
	Cases     []CaseDetails   `json:"cases,omitempty"`
	NextToken aws.StringValue `json:"nextToken,omitempty"`

DescribeCasesResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeCommunicationsRequest

type DescribeCommunicationsRequest struct {
	AfterTime  aws.StringValue  `json:"afterTime,omitempty"`
	BeforeTime aws.StringValue  `json:"beforeTime,omitempty"`
	CaseID     aws.StringValue  `json:"caseId"`
	MaxResults aws.IntegerValue `json:"maxResults,omitempty"`
	NextToken  aws.StringValue  `json:"nextToken,omitempty"`

DescribeCommunicationsRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeCommunicationsResponse

type DescribeCommunicationsResponse struct {
	Communications []Communication `json:"communications,omitempty"`
	NextToken      aws.StringValue `json:"nextToken,omitempty"`

DescribeCommunicationsResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeServicesRequest

type DescribeServicesRequest struct {
	Language        aws.StringValue `json:"language,omitempty"`
	ServiceCodeList []string        `json:"serviceCodeList,omitempty"`

DescribeServicesRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeServicesResponse

type DescribeServicesResponse struct {
	Services []Service `json:"services,omitempty"`

DescribeServicesResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeSeverityLevelsRequest

type DescribeSeverityLevelsRequest struct {
	Language aws.StringValue `json:"language,omitempty"`

DescribeSeverityLevelsRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeSeverityLevelsResponse

type DescribeSeverityLevelsResponse struct {
	SeverityLevels []SeverityLevel `json:"severityLevels,omitempty"`

DescribeSeverityLevelsResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesRequest

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesRequest struct {
	CheckIDs []string `json:"checkIds"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesResponse

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesResponse struct {
	Statuses []TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus `json:"statuses"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultRequest

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultRequest struct {
	CheckID  aws.StringValue `json:"checkId"`
	Language aws.StringValue `json:"language,omitempty"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultResponse

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultResponse struct {
	Result *TrustedAdvisorCheckResult `json:"result,omitempty"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesRequest

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesRequest struct {
	CheckIDs []string `json:"checkIds"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesResponse

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesResponse struct {
	Summaries []TrustedAdvisorCheckSummary `json:"summaries"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesResponse is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksRequest

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksRequest struct {
	Language aws.StringValue `json:"language"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksRequest is undocumented.

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksResponse

type DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksResponse struct {
	Checks []TrustedAdvisorCheckDescription `json:"checks"`

DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksResponse is undocumented.

type RecentCaseCommunications

type RecentCaseCommunications struct {
	Communications []Communication `json:"communications,omitempty"`
	NextToken      aws.StringValue `json:"nextToken,omitempty"`

RecentCaseCommunications is undocumented.

type RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckRequest

type RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckRequest struct {
	CheckID aws.StringValue `json:"checkId"`

RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckRequest is undocumented.

type RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckResponse

type RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckResponse struct {
	Status *TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus `json:"status"`

RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckResponse is undocumented.

type ResolveCaseRequest

type ResolveCaseRequest struct {
	CaseID aws.StringValue `json:"caseId,omitempty"`

ResolveCaseRequest is undocumented.

type ResolveCaseResponse

type ResolveCaseResponse struct {
	FinalCaseStatus   aws.StringValue `json:"finalCaseStatus,omitempty"`
	InitialCaseStatus aws.StringValue `json:"initialCaseStatus,omitempty"`

ResolveCaseResponse is undocumented.

type Service

type Service struct {
	Categories []Category      `json:"categories,omitempty"`
	Code       aws.StringValue `json:"code,omitempty"`
	Name       aws.StringValue `json:"name,omitempty"`

Service is undocumented.

type SeverityLevel

type SeverityLevel struct {
	Code aws.StringValue `json:"code,omitempty"`
	Name aws.StringValue `json:"name,omitempty"`

SeverityLevel is undocumented.

type Support

type Support struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Support is a client for AWS Support.

func New

func New(creds aws.CredentialsProvider, region string, client *http.Client) *Support

New returns a new Support client.

func (*Support) AddAttachmentsToSet

func (c *Support) AddAttachmentsToSet(req *AddAttachmentsToSetRequest) (resp *AddAttachmentsToSetResponse, err error)

AddAttachmentsToSet adds one or more attachments to an attachment set. If an AttachmentSetId is not specified, a new attachment set is created, and the ID of the set is returned in the response. If an AttachmentSetId is specified, the attachments are added to the specified set, if it exists. An attachment set is a temporary container for attachments that are to be added to a case or case communication. The set is available for one hour after it is created; the ExpiryTime returned in the response indicates when the set expires. The maximum number of attachments in a set is 3, and the maximum size of any attachment in the set is 5

func (*Support) AddCommunicationToCase

func (c *Support) AddCommunicationToCase(req *AddCommunicationToCaseRequest) (resp *AddCommunicationToCaseResponse, err error)

AddCommunicationToCase adds additional customer communication to an AWS Support case. You use the CaseId value to identify the case to add communication to. You can list a set of email addresses to copy on the communication using the CcEmailAddresses value. The CommunicationBody value contains the text of the communication. The response indicates the success or failure of the request. This operation implements a subset of the features of the AWS Support Center.

func (*Support) CreateCase

func (c *Support) CreateCase(req *CreateCaseRequest) (resp *CreateCaseResponse, err error)

CreateCase creates a new case in the AWS Support Center. This operation is modeled on the behavior of the AWS Support Center Create Case page. Its parameters require you to specify the following information: IssueType. The type of issue for the case. You can specify either "customer-service" or "technical." If you do not indicate a value, the default is "technical." ServiceCode. The code for an AWS service. You obtain the ServiceCode by calling DescribeServices . CategoryCode. The category for the service defined for the ServiceCode value. You also obtain the category code for a service by calling DescribeServices . Each AWS service defines its own set of category codes. SeverityCode. A value that indicates the urgency of the case, which in turn determines the response time according to your service level agreement with AWS Support. You obtain the SeverityCode by calling DescribeSeverityLevels Subject. The Subject field on the AWS Support Center Create Case page. CommunicationBody. The Description field on the AWS Support Center Create Case page. AttachmentSetId. The ID of a set of attachments that has been created by using AddAttachmentsToSet Language. The human language in which AWS Support handles the case. English and Japanese are currently supported. CcEmailAddresses. The AWS Support Center field on the Create Case page. You can list email addresses to be copied on any correspondence about the case. The account that opens the case is already identified by passing the AWS Credentials in the method or in a method or function call from one of the programming languages supported by an AWS . To add additional communication or attachments to an existing case, use AddCommunicationToCase A successful CreateCase request returns an AWS Support case number. Case numbers are used by the DescribeCases operation to retrieve existing AWS Support cases.

func (*Support) DescribeAttachment

func (c *Support) DescribeAttachment(req *DescribeAttachmentRequest) (resp *DescribeAttachmentResponse, err error)

DescribeAttachment returns the attachment that has the specified ID. Attachment IDs are generated by the case management system when you add an attachment to a case or case communication. Attachment IDs are returned in the AttachmentDetails objects that are returned by the DescribeCommunications operation.

func (*Support) DescribeCases

func (c *Support) DescribeCases(req *DescribeCasesRequest) (resp *DescribeCasesResponse, err error)

DescribeCases returns a list of cases that you specify by passing one or more case IDs. In addition, you can filter the cases by date by setting values for the AfterTime and BeforeTime request parameters. You can set values for the IncludeResolvedCases and IncludeCommunications request parameters to control how much information is returned. Case data is available for 12 months after creation. If a case was created more than 12 months ago, a request for data might cause an error. The response returns the following in format: One or more CaseDetails data types. One or more NextToken values, which specify where to paginate the returned records represented by the CaseDetails objects.

func (*Support) DescribeCommunications

func (c *Support) DescribeCommunications(req *DescribeCommunicationsRequest) (resp *DescribeCommunicationsResponse, err error)

DescribeCommunications returns communications (and attachments) for one or more support cases. You can use the AfterTime and BeforeTime parameters to filter by date. You can use the CaseId parameter to restrict the results to a particular case. Case data is available for 12 months after creation. If a case was created more than 12 months ago, a request for data might cause an error. You can use the MaxResults and NextToken parameters to control the pagination of the result set. Set MaxResults to the number of cases you want displayed on each page, and use NextToken to specify the resumption of pagination.

func (*Support) DescribeServices

func (c *Support) DescribeServices(req *DescribeServicesRequest) (resp *DescribeServicesResponse, err error)

DescribeServices returns the current list of AWS services and a list of service categories that applies to each one. You then use service names and categories in your CreateCase requests. Each AWS service has its own set of categories. The service codes and category codes correspond to the values that are displayed in the Service and Category drop-down lists on the AWS Support Center Create Case page. The values in those fields, however, do not necessarily match the service codes and categories returned by the DescribeServices request. Always use the service codes and categories obtained programmatically. This practice ensures that you always have the most recent set of service and category codes.

func (*Support) DescribeSeverityLevels

func (c *Support) DescribeSeverityLevels(req *DescribeSeverityLevelsRequest) (resp *DescribeSeverityLevelsResponse, err error)

DescribeSeverityLevels returns the list of severity levels that you can assign to an AWS Support case. The severity level for a case is also a field in the CaseDetails data type included in any CreateCase request.

func (*Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatuses

func (c *Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatuses(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesResponse, err error)

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatuses returns the refresh status of the Trusted Advisor checks that have the specified check IDs. Check IDs can be obtained by calling DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks

func (*Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult

func (c *Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultResponse, err error)

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult returns the results of the Trusted Advisor check that has the specified check ID. Check IDs can be obtained by calling DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks The response contains a TrustedAdvisorCheckResult object, which contains these three objects: In addition, the response contains these fields: Status. The alert status of the check: "ok" (green), "warning" (yellow), "error" (red), or "not_available". Timestamp. The time of the last refresh of the check. CheckId. The unique identifier for the check.

func (*Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummaries

func (c *Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummaries(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesResponse, err error)

DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummaries returns the summaries of the results of the Trusted Advisor checks that have the specified check IDs. Check IDs can be obtained by calling DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks The response contains an array of TrustedAdvisorCheckSummary objects.

func (*Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks

func (c *Support) DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksResponse, err error)

DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks returns information about all available Trusted Advisor checks, including name, ID, category, description, and metadata. You must specify a language code; English ("en") and Japanese ("ja") are currently supported. The response contains a TrustedAdvisorCheckDescription for each check.

func (*Support) RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck

func (c *Support) RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck(req *RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckRequest) (resp *RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckResponse, err error)

RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck requests a refresh of the Trusted Advisor check that has the specified check ID. Check IDs can be obtained by calling DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks The response contains a TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus object, which contains these fields: Status. The refresh status of the check: "none", "enqueued", "processing", "success", or "abandoned". MillisUntilNextRefreshable. The amount of time, in milliseconds, until the check is eligible for refresh. CheckId. The unique identifier for the check.

func (*Support) ResolveCase

func (c *Support) ResolveCase(req *ResolveCaseRequest) (resp *ResolveCaseResponse, err error)

ResolveCase takes a CaseId and returns the initial state of the case along with the state of the case after the call to ResolveCase completed.

type SupportAPI

type SupportAPI interface {
	AddAttachmentsToSet(req *AddAttachmentsToSetRequest) (resp *AddAttachmentsToSetResponse, err error)
	AddCommunicationToCase(req *AddCommunicationToCaseRequest) (resp *AddCommunicationToCaseResponse, err error)
	CreateCase(req *CreateCaseRequest) (resp *CreateCaseResponse, err error)
	DescribeAttachment(req *DescribeAttachmentRequest) (resp *DescribeAttachmentResponse, err error)
	DescribeCases(req *DescribeCasesRequest) (resp *DescribeCasesResponse, err error)
	DescribeCommunications(req *DescribeCommunicationsRequest) (resp *DescribeCommunicationsResponse, err error)
	DescribeServices(req *DescribeServicesRequest) (resp *DescribeServicesResponse, err error)
	DescribeSeverityLevels(req *DescribeSeverityLevelsRequest) (resp *DescribeSeverityLevelsResponse, err error)
	DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatuses(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatusesResponse, err error)
	DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResultResponse, err error)
	DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummaries(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckSummariesResponse, err error)
	DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks(req *DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksRequest) (resp *DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecksResponse, err error)
	RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck(req *RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckRequest) (resp *RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheckResponse, err error)
	ResolveCase(req *ResolveCaseRequest) (resp *ResolveCaseResponse, err error)

type TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary

type TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary struct {
	CostOptimizing *TrustedAdvisorCostOptimizingSummary `json:"costOptimizing,omitempty"`

TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorCheckDescription

type TrustedAdvisorCheckDescription struct {
	Category    aws.StringValue `json:"category"`
	Description aws.StringValue `json:"description"`
	ID          aws.StringValue `json:"id"`
	Metadata    []string        `json:"metadata"`
	Name        aws.StringValue `json:"name"`

TrustedAdvisorCheckDescription is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus

type TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus struct {
	CheckID                    aws.StringValue `json:"checkId"`
	MillisUntilNextRefreshable aws.LongValue   `json:"millisUntilNextRefreshable"`
	Status                     aws.StringValue `json:"status"`

TrustedAdvisorCheckRefreshStatus is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorCheckResult

type TrustedAdvisorCheckResult struct {
	CategorySpecificSummary *TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary `json:"categorySpecificSummary"`
	CheckID                 aws.StringValue                        `json:"checkId"`
	FlaggedResources        []TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail         `json:"flaggedResources"`
	ResourcesSummary        *TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary        `json:"resourcesSummary"`
	Status                  aws.StringValue                        `json:"status"`
	Timestamp               aws.StringValue                        `json:"timestamp"`

TrustedAdvisorCheckResult is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorCheckSummary

type TrustedAdvisorCheckSummary struct {
	CategorySpecificSummary *TrustedAdvisorCategorySpecificSummary `json:"categorySpecificSummary"`
	CheckID                 aws.StringValue                        `json:"checkId"`
	HasFlaggedResources     aws.BooleanValue                       `json:"hasFlaggedResources,omitempty"`
	ResourcesSummary        *TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary        `json:"resourcesSummary"`
	Status                  aws.StringValue                        `json:"status"`
	Timestamp               aws.StringValue                        `json:"timestamp"`

TrustedAdvisorCheckSummary is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorCostOptimizingSummary

type TrustedAdvisorCostOptimizingSummary struct {
	EstimatedMonthlySavings        aws.DoubleValue `json:"estimatedMonthlySavings"`
	EstimatedPercentMonthlySavings aws.DoubleValue `json:"estimatedPercentMonthlySavings"`

TrustedAdvisorCostOptimizingSummary is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail

type TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail struct {
	IsSuppressed aws.BooleanValue `json:"isSuppressed,omitempty"`
	Metadata     []string         `json:"metadata"`
	Region       aws.StringValue  `json:"region"`
	ResourceID   aws.StringValue  `json:"resourceId"`
	Status       aws.StringValue  `json:"status"`

TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail is undocumented.

type TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary

type TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary struct {
	ResourcesFlagged    aws.LongValue `json:"resourcesFlagged"`
	ResourcesIgnored    aws.LongValue `json:"resourcesIgnored"`
	ResourcesProcessed  aws.LongValue `json:"resourcesProcessed"`
	ResourcesSuppressed aws.LongValue `json:"resourcesSuppressed"`

TrustedAdvisorResourcesSummary is undocumented.

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