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It is recommend to use this way

cacheDir := "./cache"
defaultImg := "./default.jpg"
http.Handle("/avatar/", avatar.CacheServer(cacheDir, defaultImg))



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func CacheServer

func CacheServer(cacheDir string, defaultImgPath string) http.Handler

http.Handle("/avatar/", avatar.CacheServer("./cache"))

func HashEmail

func HashEmail(email string) string

hash email to md5 string keep this func in order to make this package independent

func UpdateGravatarSource added in v0.5.13

func UpdateGravatarSource()


type Avatar

type Avatar struct {
	Hash       string
	AlterImage string // image path
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Avatar represents the avatar object.

func New

func New(hash string, cacheDir string) *Avatar

func (*Avatar) Encode

func (this *Avatar) Encode(wr io.Writer, size int) (err error)

default image format: jpeg

func (*Avatar) Expired

func (this *Avatar) Expired() bool

func (*Avatar) HasCache

func (this *Avatar) HasCache() bool

func (*Avatar) Modtime

func (this *Avatar) Modtime() (modtime time.Time, err error)

func (*Avatar) Update

func (this *Avatar) Update()

get image from gravatar.com

func (*Avatar) UpdateTimeout

func (this *Avatar) UpdateTimeout(timeout time.Duration) (err error)

type Thunder

type Thunder struct {
	QueueSize int // download queue size
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Thunder) Fetch

func (t *Thunder) Fetch(url string, saveFile string) error

func (*Thunder) GoFetch

func (t *Thunder) GoFetch(url, saveFile string) chan error

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