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Package frontend contains the HTTP endpoints for delivering the official web client. In order to register the endpoints you have to call SetupRoutes.



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func SetupRoutes

func SetupRoutes()

SetupRoutes registers the official webclient endpoints with the http package.


type BasePageConfig

type BasePageConfig struct {
	// RootPath is the path directly after the domain and before the
	// paths. For example if you host scribblers on
	// but already host a different website, then your API paths might have to
	// look like this:
	RootPath string `json:"rootPath"`

BasePageConfig is data that all pages require to function correctly, no matter whether error page or lobby page.

type LobbyCreatePageData

type LobbyCreatePageData struct {
	Translation       translations.Translation
	Locale            string
	Errors            []string
	Languages         map[string]string
	Public            string
	DrawingTime       string
	Rounds            string
	MaxPlayers        string
	CustomWords       string
	CustomWordsChance string
	ClientsPerIPLimit string
	EnableVotekick    string
	Language          string

LobbyCreatePageData defines all non-static data for the lobby create page.

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