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func CreateReport

func CreateReport(w io.Writer, format string, enableColor bool, rootPaths []string, issues []*gosec.Issue, metrics *gosec.Metrics, errors map[string][]gosec.Error) error

CreateReport generates a report based for the supplied issues and metrics given the specified format. The formats currently accepted are: json, yaml, csv, junit-xml, html, sonarqube, golint and text.


type ReportFormat

type ReportFormat int

ReportFormat enumerates the output format for reported issues

const (
	// ReportText is the default format that writes to stdout
	ReportText ReportFormat = iota // Plain text format

	// ReportJSON set the output format to json
	ReportJSON // Json format

	// ReportCSV set the output format to csv
	ReportCSV // CSV format

	// ReportJUnitXML set the output format to junit xml
	ReportJUnitXML // JUnit XML format

	// ReportSARIF set the output format to SARIF
	ReportSARIF // SARIF format

	//SonarqubeEffortMinutes effort to fix in minutes
	SonarqubeEffortMinutes = 5