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type CPU

type CPU cpuid.CPU

func ABI

func ABI() CPU

func (CPU) Has

func (cpu CPU) Has(feature Feature) bool

type Feature

type Feature cpuid.Feature
const (
	FP       Feature = 1 << iota // Floating-point instruction set (always available)
	ASIMD                        // Advanced SIMD (always available)
	EVTSTRM                      // Event stream support
	AES                          // AES hardware implementation
	PMULL                        // Polynomial multiplication instruction set
	SHA1                         // SHA1 hardware implementation
	SHA2                         // SHA2 hardware implementation
	CRC32                        // CRC32 hardware implementation
	ATOMICS                      // Atomic memory operation instruction set
	FPHP                         // Half precision floating-point instruction set
	ASIMDHP                      // Advanced SIMD half precision instruction set
	CPUID                        // CPUID identification scheme registers
	ASIMDRDM                     // Rounding double multiply add/subtract instruction set
	JSCVT                        // Javascript conversion from floating-point to integer
	FCMA                         // Floating-point multiplication and addition of complex numbers
	LRCPC                        // Release Consistent processor consistent support
	DCPOP                        // Persistent memory support
	SHA3                         // SHA3 hardware implementation
	SM3                          // SM3 hardware implementation
	SM4                          // SM4 hardware implementation
	ASIMDDP                      // Advanced SIMD double precision instruction set
	SHA512                       // SHA512 hardware implementation
	SVE                          // Scalable Vector Extensions
	ASIMDFHM                     // Advanced SIMD multiplication FP16 to FP32

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