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Package runtime_reflect exposes internal APIs of the Go runtime.

This package is internal so it doesn't become part of the exported APIs that users of this package can take dependencies on. There is a risk that these APIs will be implicitly changed by Go, in which case packages that depend on it will break. We use these APIs to have access to optimziations that aren't possible today via the reflect package. Ideally, the reflect package evolves to expose APIs that are efficient enough that we can drop the need for this package, but until then we will be maintaining bridges to these Go runtime functions and types.



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func Assign

func Assign(typ, dst, src unsafe.Pointer)

func CopySlice

func CopySlice(elemType unsafe.Pointer, dst, src Slice) int

func MakeMap

func MakeMap(t unsafe.Pointer, cap int) unsafe.Pointer

func MapAssign

func MapAssign(t, m, k unsafe.Pointer) unsafe.Pointer


type MapIter

type MapIter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MapIter) Done

func (it *MapIter) Done()

func (*MapIter) HasNext

func (it *MapIter) HasNext() bool

func (*MapIter) Init

func (it *MapIter) Init(t unsafe.Pointer, m unsafe.Pointer)

func (*MapIter) Key

func (it *MapIter) Key() unsafe.Pointer

func (*MapIter) Next

func (it *MapIter) Next()

func (*MapIter) Value

func (it *MapIter) Value() unsafe.Pointer

type Slice

type Slice struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeSlice

func MakeSlice(elemType unsafe.Pointer, len, cap int) Slice

func (*Slice) Cap

func (s *Slice) Cap() int

func (*Slice) Index

func (s *Slice) Index(i int, elemSize uintptr) unsafe.Pointer

func (*Slice) Len

func (s *Slice) Len() int

func (*Slice) SetLen

func (s *Slice) SetLen(n int)

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