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var (
	// The global gzip codec installed on the Codecs table.
	GzipCodec gzip.Codec

	// The global snappy codec installed on the Codecs table.
	SnappyCodec snappy.Codec

	// The global lz4 codec installed on the Codecs table.
	Lz4Codec lz4.Codec

	// The global zstd codec installed on the Codecs table.
	ZstdCodec zstd.Codec

	// The global table of compression codecs supported by the kafka protocol.
	Codecs = [...]Codec{
		Gzip:   &GzipCodec,
		Snappy: &SnappyCodec,
		Lz4:    &Lz4Codec,
		Zstd:   &ZstdCodec,


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type Codec

type Codec interface {
	// Code returns the compression codec code
	Code() int8

	// Human-readable name for the codec.
	Name() string

	// Constructs a new reader which decompresses data from r.
	NewReader(r io.Reader) io.ReadCloser

	// Constructs a new writer which writes compressed data to w.
	NewWriter(w io.Writer) io.WriteCloser

Codec represents a compression codec to encode and decode the messages. See :

A Codec must be safe for concurrent access by multiple go routines.

type Compression

type Compression int8

Compression represents the the compression applied to a record set.

const (
	Gzip   Compression = 1
	Snappy Compression = 2
	Lz4    Compression = 3
	Zstd   Compression = 4

func (Compression) Codec

func (c Compression) Codec() Codec

func (Compression) String

func (c Compression) String() string

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Package zstd implements Zstandard compression.
Package zstd implements Zstandard compression.

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