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Adeia is an application to deploy Ingress rules to a Kubernetes cluster depending on a list of domains provided by an http get call


The word adeia originates from the Greek word άδεια which means 'to permit' in English.


Simply run go get There should now be a command adeia in your $GOPATH/bin.

First Run

Get a basic file server and let it run in the background on port 1337:

go get -u

file_server \
-v=4 \
-logtostderr \
-root=files \

Put a file called example.json into the files/ directory. It should contain the list of domains you want adeia to provide ingresses for. Check it's working by running:

curl http://localhost:1337/example.json

You should see the list again.

You can now run:

adeia \
-v=4 \
-logtostderr \
-namespace=test \
-ingress-name=test \
-service-name=test \
-service-port=test \
-url=http://localhost:1337/example.json \

to see what changes adeia would make to your Kubernetes cluster.

If you're happy with what you see, actually apply the changes by leaving out the -dry-run flag:

adeia \
-v=4 \
-logtostderr \
-namespace=test \
-ingress-name=test \
-service-name=test \
-service-port=test \


Adeia provides a -help flag which prints usage information and exits.


All dependencies inside this project are being managed by dep and are checked in. After pulling the repository, it should not be required to do any further preparations aside from make deps to prepare the dev tools.

When adding new dependencies while contributing, make sure to add them using dep ensure --add "importpath".


To run tests you can use:

make test
# or
go test
# or
ginkgo -r


This application is developed using behavior driven development. Please keep in mind to use this development method when contribution to the project.

If you are new to BDD have a look at this video which inspired this project to use BDD:

Feedback and contributions are highly welcome. Feel free to file issues or pull requests.





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type Syncer

type Syncer struct {
	Fetcher fetcher
	Creator creator
	Applier applier

Syncer creates Ingress for a list of domains

func (*Syncer) Sync

func (i *Syncer) Sync() error

Sync fetches a list of domains an create ingresses

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