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type WaitGroup

type WaitGroup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    WaitGroup waits for other same processes based key with timeout.

    func New

    func New(timeout time.Duration) *WaitGroup

      New return a new WaitGroup with timeout.

      func (*WaitGroup) Add

      func (wg *WaitGroup) Add(key uint64)

        Add adds a new caller or if the caller exists increment dups with key.

        func (*WaitGroup) Done

        func (wg *WaitGroup) Done(key uint64)

          Done cancels the group context or if the caller dups more then zero, decrements the dups with key.

          func (*WaitGroup) Get

          func (wg *WaitGroup) Get(key uint64) int

            Get return count of dups with key.

            func (*WaitGroup) Wait

            func (wg *WaitGroup) Wait(key uint64)

              Wait blocks until WaitGroup context cancelled or timedout with key.

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