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type BasicContainerSpec

type BasicContainerSpec struct {
	// ID identifies the container within a cluster.
	ID model.ContainerID
	// Name of the image running within the container.
	Image string
	// Currently requested resources for this container.
	Request model.Resources

BasicContainerSpec contains basic information defining a container.

type BasicPodSpec

type BasicPodSpec struct {
	// ID identifies a pod within a cluster.
	ID model.PodID
	// Labels of the pod. It is used to match pods with certain VPA opjects.
	PodLabels map[string]string
	// List of containers within this pod.
	Containers []BasicContainerSpec
	// PodPhase describing current life cycle phase of the Pod.
	Phase v1.PodPhase

BasicPodSpec contains basic information defining a pod and its containers.

type SpecClient

type SpecClient interface {
	// Returns BasicPodSpec for each pod in the cluster
	GetPodSpecs() ([]*BasicPodSpec, error)

SpecClient provides information about pods and containers Specification

func NewSpecClient

func NewSpecClient(podLister v1lister.PodLister) SpecClient

NewSpecClient creates new client which can be used to get basic information about pods specification It requires PodLister which is a data source for this client.

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