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const (
	// AggregateContainerStateGCInterval defines how often expired AggregateContainerStates are garbage collected.
	AggregateContainerStateGCInterval = 1 * time.Hour


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func GetContainerNameToAggregateStateMap

func GetContainerNameToAggregateStateMap(vpa *model.Vpa) model.ContainerNameToAggregateStateMap

GetContainerNameToAggregateStateMap returns ContainerNameToAggregateStateMap for pods.


type Recommender

type Recommender interface {
	// RunOnce performs one iteration of recommender duties followed by update of recommendations in VPA objects.
	// GetClusterState returns ClusterState used by Recommender
	GetClusterState() *model.ClusterState
	// GetClusterStateFeeder returns ClusterStateFeeder used by Recommender
	GetClusterStateFeeder() input.ClusterStateFeeder
	// UpdateVPAs computes recommendations and sends VPAs status updates to API Server
	// MaintainCheckpoints stores current checkpoints in API Server and garbage collect old ones
	// MaintainCheckpoints writes at least minCheckpoints if there are more checkpoints to write.
	// Checkpoints are written until ctx permits or all checkpoints are written.
	MaintainCheckpoints(ctx context.Context, minCheckpoints int)
	// GarbageCollect removes old AggregateCollectionStates

Recommender recommend resources for certain containers, based on utilization periodically got from metrics api.

func NewRecommender

func NewRecommender(config *rest.Config, checkpointsGCInterval time.Duration, useCheckpoints bool) Recommender

NewRecommender creates a new recommender instance. Dependencies are created automatically. Deprecated; use RecommenderFactory instead.

type RecommenderFactory

type RecommenderFactory struct {
	ClusterState *model.ClusterState

	ClusterStateFeeder     input.ClusterStateFeeder
	CheckpointWriter       checkpoint.CheckpointWriter
	PodResourceRecommender logic.PodResourceRecommender
	VpaClient              vpa_api.VerticalPodAutoscalersGetter

	CheckpointsGCInterval time.Duration
	UseCheckpoints        bool

RecommenderFactory makes instances of Recommender.

func (RecommenderFactory) Make

Make creates a new recommender instance, which can be run in order to provide continuous resource recommendations for containers.

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