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Published: Apr 21, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 89



Package socks implements essential parts of SOCKS protocol.



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const (
	CmdConnect      = 1
	CmdBind         = 2
	CmdUDPAssociate = 3

SOCKS request commands as defined in RFC 1928 section 4.

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const (
	AtypIPv4       = 1
	AtypDomainName = 3
	AtypIPv6       = 4

SOCKS address types as defined in RFC 1928 section 5.

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const (
	ErrGeneralFailure       = Error(1)
	ErrConnectionNotAllowed = Error(2)
	ErrNetworkUnreachable   = Error(3)
	ErrHostUnreachable      = Error(4)
	ErrConnectionRefused    = Error(5)
	ErrTTLExpired           = Error(6)
	ErrCommandNotSupported  = Error(7)
	ErrAddressNotSupported  = Error(8)
	InfoUDPAssociate        = Error(9)

SOCKS errors as defined in RFC 1928 section 6.

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const MaxAddrLen = 1 + 1 + 255 + 2

MaxAddrLen is the maximum size of SOCKS address in bytes.


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var UDPEnabled = false

UDPEnabled is the toggle for UDP support


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type Addr

type Addr []byte

Addr represents a SOCKS address as defined in RFC 1928 section 5.

func Handshake

func Handshake(rw io.ReadWriter) (Addr, error)

Handshake fast-tracks SOCKS initialization to get target address to connect.

func ParseAddr

func ParseAddr(s string) Addr

ParseAddr parses the address in string s. Returns nil if failed.

func ReadAddr

func ReadAddr(r io.Reader) (Addr, error)

ReadAddr reads just enough bytes from r to get a valid Addr.

func SplitAddr

func SplitAddr(b []byte) Addr

SplitAddr slices a SOCKS address from beginning of b. Returns nil if failed.

func (Addr) String

func (a Addr) String() string

String serializes SOCKS address a to string form.

type Error

type Error byte

Error represents a SOCKS error

func (Error) Error

func (err Error) Error() string

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