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Package component contains individual components that can render themselves as HTML.



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func GopherBotNotification

func GopherBotNotification(n notification.Notification) bool

GopherBotNotification reports whether notification n is known to be authored by GopherBot.

func RenderNotification

func RenderNotification(n notification.Notification) (htmlg.Component, bool)

RenderNotification renders notification n into an HTML component.


type Notification

type Notification struct {

Notification component for display purposes.

func (Notification) Render

func (n Notification) Render() []*html.Node

type NotificationsByRepo

type NotificationsByRepo struct {
	Notifications []notification.Notification

NotificationsByRepo component displays notifications grouped by repos.

func (NotificationsByRepo) Render

func (a NotificationsByRepo) Render() []*html.Node

type RGB

type RGB struct {
	R, G, B uint8

TODO: Dedup.

RGB represents a 24-bit color without alpha channel.

func (RGB) HexString

func (c RGB) HexString() string

HexString returns a hexadecimal color string. For example, "#ff0000" for red.

type RepoNotifications

type RepoNotifications struct {
	Repo          notifications.RepoSpec
	Notifications []Notification
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RepoNotifications component is a collection of notifications for the same repo.

func (RepoNotifications) Render

func (r RepoNotifications) Render() []*html.Node

type Stream

type Stream struct {
	Notifications []notification.Notification
	Error         string
	GopherBot     bool // Controls whether to show all bot comments.

Stream component for display purposes.

func (Stream) Render

func (s Stream) Render() []*html.Node

type Time

type Time struct {
	Time time.Time

Time component that displays human friendly relative time (e.g., "2 hours ago", "yesterday"), but also contains a tooltip with the full absolute time (e.g., "Jan 2, 2006, 3:04 PM MST").

func (Time) Render

func (t Time) Render() []*html.Node

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