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type Bucket

type Bucket interface {
	Label() string
	Weight() uint32

Bucket is a source we hash into. The Label() is used as the hash key and Weight represents how much we weight this bucket against others

type Continuum

type Continuum struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Continuum stores the ketama hashring and allows users to hash bytes into the ring

func New

func New(buckets []Bucket) *Continuum

New creates a new Continuum that uses the passed Buckets as parts of the ring

func (*Continuum) Bucket

func (c *Continuum) Bucket(ringLocation uint32) Bucket

Bucket returns the bucket at or after a location in the ring

func (*Continuum) Buckets

func (c *Continuum) Buckets() []Bucket

Buckets returns the buckets last set in the continuum

func (*Continuum) Hash

func (c *Continuum) Hash(thing []byte) Bucket

Hash an array of bytes into a location in the ring

func (*Continuum) Reset

func (c *Continuum) Reset(buckets []Bucket)

Reset the Continuum to use the given buckets in the hashring

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