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The latest major version is v2.

Published: Aug 29, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package wechat provide wechat sdk for go




type Wechat

type Wechat struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Wechat struct

func NewWechat

func NewWechat() *Wechat

NewWechat init

func (*Wechat) GetMiniProgram

func (wc *Wechat) GetMiniProgram(cfg *miniConfig.Config) *miniprogram.MiniProgram

GetMiniProgram 获取小程序的实例

func (*Wechat) GetOfficialAccount

func (wc *Wechat) GetOfficialAccount(cfg *offConfig.Config) *officialaccount.OfficialAccount

GetOfficialAccount 获取微信公众号实例

func (*Wechat) GetOpenPlatform

func (wc *Wechat) GetOpenPlatform(cfg *openConfig.Config) *openplatform.OpenPlatform

GetOpenPlatform 获取微信开放平台的实例

func (*Wechat) GetPay

func (wc *Wechat) GetPay(cfg *payConfig.Config) *pay.Pay

GetPay 获取微信支付的实例

func (*Wechat) SetCache

func (wc *Wechat) SetCache(cahce cache.Cache)

SetCache 设置cache

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