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var Favorites = FavoritesDoc{
	Sports: []string{"Baseball", "Boxing", "Dodgeball", "Figure skating", "Football", "Horse racing", "Mountaineering", "Skateboard", "Ski", "Soccer"},
	Music:  []string{"Blues", "Classical", "Country", "Easy Listening", "Electronic", "Hip Pop", "Jazz", "Opera", "Soul", "Rock"},
	Cities: []string{"Atlanta", "Bangkok", "Beijing", "London", "Paris", "Singapore", "New York", "Istanbul", "Dubai", "Taipei"},
	Books:  []string{"Journey to the West", "The Lord of the Rings", "In Search of Lost Time", "Don Quixote", "Ulysses", "The Great Gatsby", "Moby Dick", "Hamlet", "War and Peace", "The Odyssey"},
	Movies: []string{"The Godfather", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Schindler's List", "Raging Bull", "Casablanca", "Citizen Kane", "Gone with the Wind", "The Wizard of Oz", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "Lawrence of Arabia"},

Favorites constance


func CloneDoc

func CloneDoc(doc bson.M) bson.M

CloneDoc clones a doc and assign a _id

func Echo added in v1.0.1

func Echo(doc bson.M)

Echo echoes bson.M

func GetDemoDoc

func GetDemoDoc() bson.M

GetDemoDoc returns a demo document

func GetDemoFromFile

func GetDemoFromFile(filename string) string

GetDemoFromFile returns a doc from a template

func GetDemoSchema

func GetDemoSchema() string

GetDemoSchema returns a demo doc

func GetDocByTemplate

func GetDocByTemplate(filename string, meta bool) (bson.M, error)

GetDocByTemplate returns a bson.M document

func GetEmailAddress

func GetEmailAddress() string

GetEmailAddress exposes getEmailAddress()

func GetRandomizedDoc

func GetRandomizedDoc(buf []byte, meta bool) (bson.M, error)

GetRandomizedDoc returns a randomized doc from byte string

func RandomizeDocument

func RandomizeDocument(doc *map[string]interface{}, f interface{}, meta bool)

RandomizeDocument traverses a doc and replace values with random values according to their data type.


type FavoritesDoc

type FavoritesDoc struct {
	Sports []string
	Music  []string
	Cities []string
	Books  []string
	Movies []string

FavoritesDoc -

type FavoritesSchema

type FavoritesSchema struct {
	ID            string `json:"_id" bson:"_id"`
	FavoriteBook  string `json:"favoriteBook" bson:"favoriteBook"`
	FavoriteCity  string `json:"favoriteCity" bson:"favoriteCity"`
	FavoriteMovie string `json:"favoriteMovie" bson:"favoriteMovie"`
	FavoriteMusic string `json:"favoriteMusic" bson:"favoriteMusic"`
	FavoriteSport string `json:"favoriteSport" bson:"favoriteSport"`

FavoritesSchema -

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