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Nirvana is a golang API framework designed for productivity and usability. It aims to be the building block for all golang services at Caicloud. The high-level goals and features include:

  • consistent API behavior, structure and layout across all golang projects
  • improve engineering productivity with openAPI and client generation, etc
  • validation can be added by declaring validation method as part of API definition
  • out-of-box instrumentation support, e.g. metrics, profiling, tracing, etc
  • easy and standard configuration management, as well as standard cli interface

Nirvana is also extensible and performant, with the goal to support fast developmenet velocity.

Getting Started

Nirvana provides documentations in two languages to help you expore this framework. Note right now, only Chinese docs are kept up-to-date.


  • API Framework based on Descriptors
  • Request Filter
  • Middleware
  • Validator
  • Plugins
  • API Doc Generation
  • Client Generation


If you are interested in contributing to Nirvana, please checkout We welcome any code or non-code contribution!


Nirvana is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.




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func RegisterConfigInstaller

func RegisterConfigInstaller(ci ConfigInstaller)

RegisterConfigInstaller registers a config installer.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Config describes configuration of server.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

NewConfig creates a pure config. If you don't know how to set filters and modifiers for specific scenario, please use NewDefaultConfig().

func NewDefaultConfig

func NewDefaultConfig() *Config

NewDefaultConfig creates default config. Default config contains:

Filters: RedirectTrailingSlash, FillLeadingSlash, ParseRequestForm.
Modifiers: FirstContextParameter,
           ConsumeAllIfConsumesIsEmpty, ProduceAllIfProducesIsEmpty,
           ConsumeNoneForHTTPGet, ConsumeNoneForHTTPDelete,

func (*Config) Config

func (c *Config) Config(name string) interface{}

Config gets external config by name. This method is for plugins.

func (*Config) Configure

func (c *Config) Configure(configurers ...Configurer) *Config

Configure configs by configurers. It panics if an error occurs or config is locked.

func (*Config) IP

func (c *Config) IP() string

IP returns listenning ip.

func (*Config) Locked

func (c *Config) Locked() bool

Locked checks if the config is locked.

func (*Config) Logger

func (c *Config) Logger() log.Logger

Logger returns logger.

func (*Config) Port

func (c *Config) Port() uint16

Port returns listenning port.

func (*Config) Set

func (c *Config) Set(name string, config interface{})

Set sets external config by name. This method is for plugins. Set a nil config will delete it.

type ConfigInstaller

type ConfigInstaller interface {
	// Name is the external config name.
	Name() string
	// Install installs stuffs before server starting.
	Install(builder service.Builder, config *Config) error
	// Uninstall uninstalls stuffs after server terminating.
	Uninstall(builder service.Builder, config *Config) error

ConfigInstaller is used to install config to service builder.

func ConfigInstallerFor

func ConfigInstallerFor(name string) ConfigInstaller

ConfigInstallerFor gets installer by name.

type Configurer

type Configurer func(c *Config) error

Configurer is used to configure server config.

func Descriptor

func Descriptor(descriptors ...definition.Descriptor) Configurer

Descriptor returns a configurer to add descriptors into config.

func Filter

func Filter(filters ...service.Filter) Configurer

Filter returns a configurer to add filters into config.

func IP

func IP(ip string) Configurer

IP returns a configurer to set ip into config.

func Logger

func Logger(logger log.Logger) Configurer

Logger returns a configurer to set logger into config.

func Modifier

func Modifier(modifiers ...service.DefinitionModifier) Configurer

Modifier returns a configurer to add definition modifiers into config.

func Port

func Port(port uint16) Configurer

Port returns a configurer to set port into config.

func TLS added in v0.2.0

func TLS(certFile, keyFile string) Configurer

TLS returns a configurer to set certFile and keyFile in config.

type Server

type Server interface {
	// Serve starts to listen and serve requests.
	// The method won't return except an error occurs.
	Serve() error
	// Shutdown gracefully shuts down the server without interrupting any
	// active connections.
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error
	// Builder create a service builder for current server. Don't use this method directly except
	// there is a special server to hold http services. After server shutdown, clean resources via
	// returned cleaner.
	// This method always returns same builder until cleaner is called. Then it will
	// returns new one.
	Builder() (builder service.Builder, cleaner func() error, err error)

Server is a complete API server. The server contains a router to handle all requests form clients.

func NewServer

func NewServer(c *Config) Server

NewServer creates a nirvana server. After creation, don't modify config. Also don't create another server with current config.

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