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var (

	// ErrDBClosed is the error meaning db is closed and we can use it anymore.
	ErrDBClosed = errors.New("db is closed")
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var ErrInvalidEncodedKey = errors.New("invalid encoded key")

ErrInvalidEncodedKey describes parsing an invalid format of EncodedKey.

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var ErrOverflow = errors.New("overflow when allocating new version")

ErrOverflow is the error returned by CurrentVersion, it describes if there're too many versions allocations in a very short period of time, ID may conflict.

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var MockRemoteStore bool

MockRemoteStore mocks remote store. It makes IsLocalStore return false.


func ChangeRegionInfo

func ChangeRegionInfo(store kv.Storage, regionID int, startKey, endKey []byte)

ChangeRegionInfo used for test handling region info change.

func IsLocalStore

func IsLocalStore(s kv.Storage) bool

IsLocalStore checks whether a storage is local or not.

func MvccDecode

func MvccDecode(encodedKey kv.EncodedKey) (kv.Key, kv.Version, error)

MvccDecode parses the origin key and version of an encoded key, if the encoded key is a meta key, just returns the origin key.

func MvccEncodeVersionKey

func MvccEncodeVersionKey(key kv.Key, ver kv.Version) kv.EncodedKey

MvccEncodeVersionKey returns the encoded key.


type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// engine.Driver is the engine driver for different local db engine.

Driver implements kv.Driver interface.

func (Driver) Open

func (d Driver) Open(path string) (kv.Storage, error)

Open opens or creates a storage with specific format for a local engine Driver. The path should be a URL format which is described in tidb package.

type LocalVersionProvider

type LocalVersionProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LocalVersionProvider uses local timestamp for version.

func (*LocalVersionProvider) CurrentVersion

func (l *LocalVersionProvider) CurrentVersion() (kv.Version, error)

CurrentVersion implements the VersionProvider's GetCurrentVer interface.


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