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const JSONContentType = "application/json"

JSONContentType ...


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var ErrNotFound = errors.New("Not Found")

ErrNotFound represent resource not found


func ToJSONReader

func ToJSONReader(data interface{}) (*bytes.Reader, error)

ToJSONReader convert data to json reader


type AWSElasticBlockStoreVolumeSource

type AWSElasticBlockStoreVolumeSource struct {
	VolumeID  string `json:"volumeID"`
	FsType    string `json:"fsType"`
	Partition int32  `json:"partition"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `json:"readOnly"`

AWSElasticBlockStoreVolumeSource ...

type AzureFileVolumeSource

type AzureFileVolumeSource struct {
	SecretName string `json:"secretName"`
	ShareName  string `json:"ShareName"`
	ReadOnly   bool   `json:"readOnly"`

AzureFileVolumeSource ...

type Capabilities

type Capabilities struct {
	Add  []Capability `json:"add"`
	Drop []Capability `json:"drop"`

Capabilities ...

type Capability

type Capability struct {

Capability ...

type CephFSVolumeSource

type CephFSVolumeSource struct {
	Monitors  []string              `json:"monitors"`
	Path      string                `json:"path"`
	User      string                `json:"user"`
	SecretRef *LocalObjectReference `json:"secretRef"`
	ReadOnly  bool                  `json:"readOnly"`

CephFSVolumeSource ...

type CinderVolumeSource

type CinderVolumeSource struct {
	VolumeID string `json:"volumeID"`
	FsType   string `json:"fsType"`
	ReadOnly bool   `json:"readOnly"`

CinderVolumeSource ...

type Client

type Client struct {
	BaseURL string

Client client for Kubernetes REST API

func (*Client) DeleteJob

func (c *Client) DeleteJob(namespace string, name string) error

DeleteJob delete a job

func (*Client) DeletePod

func (c *Client) DeletePod(namespace, name string, opt *DeleteOptions) error

DeletePod delete a Pod

func (*Client) DeletePods

func (c *Client) DeletePods(namespace string, opt *DeletePodsOptions) error

DeletePods delete collection of Pod

func (*Client) GetJob

func (c *Client) GetJob(namespace, name string) (*Job, error)

GetJob ...

func (*Client) GetJobs

func (c *Client) GetJobs(namespace, labelSelector string) (*JobList, error)

GetJobs ... namespace is optional

func (*Client) GetPod

func (c *Client) GetPod(namespace, name string) (*Pod, error)

GetPod ...

func (*Client) GetPodLog

func (c *Client) GetPodLog(namespace, podName string, opt *GetPodLogOptions) (string, error)

GetPodLog read log of the specified Pod

func (*Client) ListObjectsOfKindPod

func (c *Client) ListObjectsOfKindPod(namespace string, opt *ListObjectsOfKindPodOptions) (*PodList, error)

ListObjectsOfKindPod list or watch object of kind Pod

type ConfigMapKeySelector

type ConfigMapKeySelector struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Key  string `json:"key"`

ConfigMapKeySelector ...

type ConfigMapVolumeSource

type ConfigMapVolumeSource struct {
	Name  string      `json:"name"`
	Items []KeyToPath `json:"items"`

ConfigMapVolumeSource ...

type Container

type Container struct {
	Name                   string               `json:"name" description:"Required. Name of the container specified as a DNS_LABEL"`
	Image                  string               `json:"image,omitempty" description:"Optional. Docker image name."`
	Command                []string             `json:"command,omitempty" description:"Optional. Entrypoint array."`
	Args                   []string             `json:"args,omitempty" description:"Optional. Arguments to the entrypoint."`
	WorkingDir             string               `json:"workingDir,omitempty" description:"Optional. Container's working directory."`
	Ports                  []ContainerPort      `json:"ports,omitempty" description:"Optional. List of ports to expose from the container."`
	Env                    []EnvVar             `json:"env,omitempty" description:"Optional. List of environment variables to set in the container."`
	Resources              ResourceRequirements `json:"resources,omitempty" description:"Optional. Compute Resources required by this container."`
	VolumeMounts           []VolumeMount        `json:"volumeMounts,omitempty" description:"Optional. Pod volumes to mount into the container's filesyste."`
	LivenessProbe          *Probe               `json:"livenessProbe,omitempty" description:"Optional. Periodic probe of container liveness."`
	ReadinessProbe         *Probe               `json:"readinessProbe,omitempty" description:"Optional. Periodic probe of container service readiness."`
	Lifecycle              *Lifecycle           `` /* 140-byte string literal not displayed */
	TerminationMessagePath string               `` /* 193-byte string literal not displayed */
	ImagePullPolicy        string               `json:"imagePullPolicy,omitempty" description:"Optional. Image pull policy."`
	SecurityContext        *SecurityContext     `json:"securityContext,omitempty" description:"Optional. Security options the pod should run with."`
	Stdin                  bool                 `` /* 130-byte string literal not displayed */
	StdinOnce              bool                 `` /* 156-byte string literal not displayed */
	TTY                    bool                 `` /* 133-byte string literal not displayed */

Container ...

type ContainerPort

type ContainerPort struct {
	Name          string `json:"name"`
	HostPort      int32  `json:"hostPort"`
	ContainerPort int32  `json:"containerPort"`
	Protocol      string `json:"protocol"`
	HostIP        string `json:"hostIP"`

ContainerPort ...

type ContainerState

type ContainerState struct {
	Waiting    *ContainerStateWaiting    `json:"waiting,omitempty"`
	Running    *ContainerStateRunning    `json:"running,omitempty"`
	Terminated *ContainerStateTerminated `json:"terminated,omitempty"`

ContainerState holds a possible state of container. Only one of its members may be specified. If none of them is specified, the default one is ContainerStateWaiting.

type ContainerStateRunning

type ContainerStateRunning struct {
	StartedAt string `json:"startedAt,omitempty"`

ContainerStateRunning ...

type ContainerStateTerminated

type ContainerStateTerminated struct {
	ExitCode    int    `json:"exitCode"`
	Signal      int    `json:"signal,omitempty"`
	Reason      string `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	Message     string `json:"message,omitempty"`
	StartedAt   string `json:"startedAt,omitempty"`
	FinishedAt  string `json:"finishedAt,omitempty"`
	ContainerID string `json:"containerID,omitempty"`

ContainerStateTerminated ...

type ContainerStateWaiting

type ContainerStateWaiting struct {
	Reason  string `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	Message string `json:"message,omitempty"`

ContainerStateWaiting ...

type ContainerStatus

type ContainerStatus struct {
	Name                 string          `json:"name"`
	State                *ContainerState `json:"state,omitempty"`
	LastTerminationState *ContainerState `json:"lastState,omitempty"`
	Ready                bool            `json:"ready"`
	RestartCount         int             `json:"restartCount"`
	Image                string          `json:"image"`
	ImageID              string          `json:"imageID"`
	ContainerID          string          `json:"containerID,omitempty"`

ContainerStatus contains details for the current status of this container.

type DeleteOptions

type DeleteOptions struct {
	Kind               string `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	APIVersion         string `json:"apiVersion,omitempty"`
	GracePeriodSeconds int64  `json:"gracePeriodSeconds"`


type DeletePodsOptions

type DeletePodsOptions struct {
	Pretty          string `url:"pretty,omitempty"`
	LabelSelector   string `url:"labelSelector,omitempty"`
	FieldSelector   string `url:"fieldSelector,omitempty"`
	Watch           bool   `url:"watch,omitempty"`
	ResourceVersion string `url:"resourceVersion,omitempty"`
	TimeoutSeconds  int    `url:"timeoutSeconds,omitempty"`

DeletePodsOptions ...

type DownwardAPIVolumeFile

type DownwardAPIVolumeFile struct {
	Path     string               `json:"path"`
	FieldRef *ObjectFieldSelector `json:"fieldRef"`

DownwardAPIVolumeFile ...

type DownwardAPIVolumeSource

type DownwardAPIVolumeSource struct {
	Items []DownwardAPIVolumeFile `json:"items"`

DownwardAPIVolumeSource ...

type EmptyDirVolumeSource

type EmptyDirVolumeSource struct {
	Medium string `json:"medium"`

EmptyDirVolumeSource ...

type EnvVar

type EnvVar struct {
	Name      string        `json:"name" description:"Required. Name of the environment variable."`
	Value     string        `json:"value,omitempty" description:"Optional. Value of the environment variable."`
	ValueFrom *EnvVarSource `json:"valueFrom,omitempty" description:"Optional. Source for the environment variable’s value."`

EnvVar ...

type EnvVarSource

type EnvVarSource struct {
	FieldRef        *ObjectFieldSelector  `json:"fieldRef"`
	ConfigMapKeyRef *ConfigMapKeySelector `json:"configMapKeyRef"`
	SecretKeyRef    *SecretKeySelector    `json:"secretKeyRef"`

EnvVarSource ...

type ExecAction

type ExecAction struct {
	Command []string `json:"command"`

ExecAction ...

type FCVolumeSource

type FCVolumeSource struct {
	TargetWWNs []string `json:"targetWWNs"`
	Lun        int32    `json:"lun"`
	FsType     string   `json:"fsType"`
	ReadOnly   bool     `json:"readOnly"`

FCVolumeSource ...

type FlexVolumeSource

type FlexVolumeSource struct {
	Driver    string                `json:"driver"`
	FsType    string                `json:"fsType"`
	SecretRef *LocalObjectReference `json:"secretRef"`
	ReadOnly  bool                  `json:"readOnly"`
	Options   map[string]string     `json:"options"`

FlexVolumeSource ...

type FlockerVolumeSource

type FlockerVolumeSource struct {
	DatasetName string `json:"datasetName"`

FlockerVolumeSource ...

type GCEPersistentDiskVolumeSource

type GCEPersistentDiskVolumeSource struct {
	PdName    string `json:"pdName"`
	FsType    string `json:"fsType"`
	Partition int32  `json:"partition"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `json:"readOnly"`

GCEPersistentDiskVolumeSource ...

type GetPodLogOptions

type GetPodLogOptions struct {
	Pretty       string `url:"pretty,omitempty"`
	Container    string `url:"container,omitempty"`
	Follow       bool   `url:"follow,omitempty"`
	Previous     bool   `url:"previous,omitempty"`
	SinceSeconds int    `url:"sinceSeconds,omitempty"`
	SinceTime    string `url:"sinceTime,omitempty"`
	Timestamps   bool   `url:"timestamps,omitempty"`
	TailLines    int    `url:"tailLines,omitempty"`
	LimitBytes   int    `url:"limitBytes,omitempty"`
	Namespace    string `url:"namespace,omitempty"`
	Name         string `url:"name,omitempty"`

GetPodLogOptions ...

type GitRepoVolumeSource

type GitRepoVolumeSource struct {
	Repository string `json:"repository"`
	Revision   string `json:"revision"`
	Directory  int32  `json:"directory"`

GitRepoVolumeSource ...

type GlusterfsVolumeSource

type GlusterfsVolumeSource struct {
	Endpoints string `json:"endpoints"`
	Path      string `json:"path"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `json:"readOnly"`

GlusterfsVolumeSource ...

type HTTPGetAction

type HTTPGetAction struct {
	Path        string       `json:"path"`
	Port        string       `json:"port"`
	Host        string       `json:"host"`
	Scheme      string       `json:"scheme"`
	HTTPHeaders []HTTPHeader `json:"httpHeaders"`

HTTPGetAction ...

type HTTPHeader

type HTTPHeader struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

HTTPHeader ...

type Handler

type Handler struct {
	Exec      *ExecAction      `json:"exec"`
	HTTPGet   *HTTPGetAction   `json:"httpGet"`
	TCPSocket *TCPSocketAction `json:"tcpSocket"`

Handler ...

type HostPathVolumeSource

type HostPathVolumeSource struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

HostPathVolumeSource ...

type ISCSIVolumeSource

type ISCSIVolumeSource struct {
	TargetPortal   string `json:"targetPortal"`
	Iqn            string `json:"iqn"`
	Lun            int32  `json:"lun"`
	IscsiInterface string `json:"iscsiInterface"`
	FsType         string `json:"fsType"`
	ReadOnly       bool   `json:"readOnly"`

ISCSIVolumeSource ...

type Job

type Job struct {
	Kind       string      `json:"kind,omitempty" description:"Optional. Kind is a string value representing the REST resource this object represents."`
	APIVersion string      `` /* 128-byte string literal not displayed */
	Metadata   *ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty" description:"Optional. Standard object’s metadata."`
	Spec       *JobSpec    `json:"spec,omitempty" description:"Optional. Spec is a structure defining the expected behavior of a job."`
	Status     *JobStatus  `json:"status,omitempty" description:"Optional. Status is a structure describing current status of a job."`

Job represents the configuration of a single job.

type JobCondition

type JobCondition struct {
	Type               string `json:"type"`
	Status             string `json:"status"`
	LastProbeTime      string `json:"lastProbeTime"`
	LastTransitionTime string `json:"lastTransitionTime"`
	Reason             string `json:"reason"`
	Message            string `json:"message"`

JobCondition ...

type JobList

type JobList struct {
	Kind       string    `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	APIVersion string    `json:"apiVersion,omitempty"`
	Metadata   *ListMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	Items      []*Job    `json:"items"`

JobList ...

type JobSpec

type JobSpec struct {
	Parallelism           int32            `` /* 147-byte string literal not displayed */
	Completions           int32            `` /* 151-byte string literal not displayed */
	ActiveDeadlineSeconds int64            `` /* 185-byte string literal not displayed */
	Selector              *LabelSelector   `json:"selector,omitempty" description:"Optional. Selector is a label query over pods that should match the pod count."`
	ManualSelector        bool             `json:"ManualSelector,omitempty" description:"Optional. ManualSelector controls generation of pod labels and pod selectors."`
	Template              *PodTemplateSpec `` /* 128-byte string literal not displayed */

JobSpec ...

type JobStatus

type JobStatus struct {
	Conditions     []JobCondition `json:"conditions,omitempty"`
	StartTime      string         `json:"startTime,omitempty"`
	CompletionTime string         `json:"completionTime,omitempty"`
	Active         int32          `json:"active,omitempty"`
	Succeeded      int32          `json:"succeeded,omitempty"`
	Failed         int32          `json:"failed,omitempty"`

JobStatus ...

type KeyToPath

type KeyToPath struct {
	Key  string `json:"key"`
	Path string `json:"path"`

KeyToPath ...

type LabelSelector

type LabelSelector struct {
	MatchLabels      map[string]string          `json:"matchLabels,omitempty"`
	MatchExpressions []LabelSelectorRequirement `json:"matchExpressions,omitempty"`

LabelSelector ...

type LabelSelectorRequirement

type LabelSelectorRequirement struct {
	Key      string   `json:"key"`
	Operator string   `json:"operator"`
	Values   []string `json:"values"`

LabelSelectorRequirement ...

type Lifecycle

type Lifecycle struct {
	PostStart *Handler `json:"postStart"`
	PreStop   *Handler `json:"preStop"`

Lifecycle ...

type ListMeta

type ListMeta struct {
	SelfLink        string `json:"selfLink"`
	ResourceVersion string `json:"resourceVersion"`

ListMeta ...

type ListObjectsOfKindPodOptions

type ListObjectsOfKindPodOptions struct {
	Pretty          string `url:"pretty,omitempty"`
	LabelSelector   string `url:"labelSelector,omitempty"`
	FieldSelector   string `url:"fieldSelector,omitempty"`
	Watch           bool   `url:"watch,omitempty"`
	ResourceVersion string `url:"resourceVersion,omitempty"`
	TimeoutSeconds  int    `url:"timeoutSeconds,omitempty"`

ListObjectsOfKindPodOptions ...

type LocalObjectReference

type LocalObjectReference struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`

LocalObjectReference ...

type NFSVolumeSource

type NFSVolumeSource struct {
	Server   string `json:"server"`
	Path     string `json:"path"`
	ReadOnly bool   `json:"readOnly"`

NFSVolumeSource ...

type ObjectFieldSelector

type ObjectFieldSelector struct {
	APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion"`
	FieldPath  string `json:"fieldPath"`

ObjectFieldSelector ...

type ObjectMeta

type ObjectMeta struct {
	Name                       string            `json:"name,omitempty" description:"Optional. Name must be unique within a namespace."`
	GenerateName               string            `` /* 181-byte string literal not displayed */
	Namespace                  string            `json:"namespace,omitempty" description:"Optional. namespace, but 'default' is the canonical representation."`
	SelfLink                   string            `json:"selfLink,omitempty" description:"Optional. SelfLink is a URL representing this object."`
	UID                        string            `json:"uid,omitempty" description:"Optional. UID is the unique in time and space value for this object."`
	ResourceVersion            string            `` /* 192-byte string literal not displayed */
	Generation                 int64             `` /* 126-byte string literal not displayed */
	CreationTimestamp          string            `` /* 150-byte string literal not displayed */
	DeletionTimestamp          string            `` /* 141-byte string literal not displayed */
	DeletionGracePeriodSeconds int64             `` /* 176-byte string literal not displayed */
	Labels                     map[string]string `` /* 149-byte string literal not displayed */
	Annotations                map[string]string `` /* 196-byte string literal not displayed */

ObjectMeta ...

type PersistentVolumeClaimVolumeSource

type PersistentVolumeClaimVolumeSource struct {
	ClaimName string `json:"claimName"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `json:"readOnly"`

PersistentVolumeClaimVolumeSource ...

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	Kind       string      `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	APIVersion string      `json:"apiVersion,omitempty"`
	Metadata   *ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	Spec       *PodSpec    `json:"spec,omitempty"`
	Status     *PodStatus  `json:"status,omitempty"`

Pod is a collection of containers that can run on a host.

type PodCondition

type PodCondition struct {
	Type               string `json:"type"`
	Status             string `json:"status"`
	LastProbeTime      string `json:"lastProbeTime,omitempty"`
	LastTransitionTime string `json:"lastTransitionTime,omitempty"`
	Reason             string `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	Message            string `json:"message,omitempty"`

PodCondition ...

type PodList

type PodList struct {
	APIVersion string            `json:"apiversion,omitempty"`
	Kind       string            `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	Metadata   *ListMeta         `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
	Items      []PodTemplateSpec `json:"items,omitempty"`

PodList is a list of Pods.

type PodSecurityContext

type PodSecurityContext struct {
	SELinuxOptions     *SELinuxOptions `json:"seLinuxOptions,omitempty"`
	RunAsUser          int64           `json:"runAsUser,omitempty"`
	RunAsNonRoot       bool            `json:"runAsNonRoot,omitempty"`
	SupplementalGroups []int32         `json:"supplementalGroups,omitempty"`
	FsGroup            int64           `json:"fsGroup,omitempty"`

PodSecurityContext ...

type PodSpec

type PodSpec struct {
	Volumes                       []Volume               `json:"volumes,omitempty" description:"Optional. List of volumes that can be mounted by containers belonging to the pod."`
	Containers                    []Container            `json:"containers,omitempty" description:"Optional. List of containers belonging to the pod."`
	RestartPolicy                 string                 `json:"restartPolicy,omitempty" description:"Optional. Restart policy for all containers within the pod."`
	TerminationGracePeriodSeconds int64                  `` /* 138-byte string literal not displayed */
	ActiveDeadlineSeconds         int64                  `` /* 233-byte string literal not displayed */
	DNSPolicy                     string                 `json:"dnsPolicy,omitempty" description:"Optional. Set DNS policy for containers within the pod."`
	NodeSelector                  map[string]string      `` /* 129-byte string literal not displayed */
	ServiceAccountName            string                 `` /* 136-byte string literal not displayed */
	ServiceAccount                string                 `json:"serviceAccount,omitempty" description:"Optional. ServiceAccount is a depreciated alias for ServiceAccountName."`
	NodeName                      string                 `json:"nodeName,omitempty" description:"Optional. NodeName is a request to schedule this pod onto a specific node."`
	HostNetwork                   bool                   `json:"hostNetwork,omitempty" description:"Optional. Host networking requested for this pod."`
	HostPID                       bool                   `json:"hostPID,omitempty" description:"Optional. Use the host’s pid namespace."`
	HostIPC                       bool                   `json:"hostIPC,omitempty" description:"Optional. Use the host’s ipc namespace."`
	SecurityContext               *PodSecurityContext    `` /* 139-byte string literal not displayed */
	ImagePullSecrets              []LocalObjectReference `` /* 200-byte string literal not displayed */

PodSpec ...

type PodStatus

type PodStatus struct {
	Phase             string            `json:"phase,omitempty"`
	Conditions        []PodCondition    `json:"conditions,omitempty"`
	Message           string            `json:"message,omitempty"`
	Reason            string            `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	HostIP            string            `json:"hostIP,omitempty"`
	PodIP             string            `json:"podIP,omitempty"`
	StartTime         string            `json:"startTime,omitempty"`
	ContainerStatuses []ContainerStatus `json:"containerStatuses,omitempty"`

PodStatus ...

type PodTemplateSpec

type PodTemplateSpec struct {
	Metadata *ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty" description:"Optional. Standard object’s metadata."`
	Spec     *PodSpec    `json:"spec,omitempty" description:"Optional. Specification of the desired behavior of the pod."`

PodTemplateSpec ...

type Probe

type Probe struct {
	Exec                *ExecAction      `json:"exec"`
	HTTPGet             *HTTPGetAction   `json:"httpGet"`
	TCPSocket           *TCPSocketAction `json:"tcpSocket"`
	InitialDelaySeconds int32            `json:"initialDelaySeconds"`
	TimeoutSeconds      int32            `json:"timeoutSeconds"`
	PeriodSeconds       int32            `json:"periodSeconds"`
	SuccessThreshold    int32            `json:"successThreshold"`
	FailureThreshold    int32            `json:"failureThreshold"`

Probe ...

type RBDVolumeSource

type RBDVolumeSource struct {
	Monitors  []string              `json:"monitors"`
	Image     string                `json:"image"`
	FsType    string                `json:"fsType"`
	Pool      string                `json:"pool"`
	User      string                `json:"user"`
	Keyring   string                `json:"keyring"`
	SecretRef *LocalObjectReference `json:"secretRef"`
	ReadOnly  bool                  `json:"readOnly"`

RBDVolumeSource ...

type ResourceRequirements

type ResourceRequirements struct {
	Limits   map[string]string `json:"limits,omitempty"`
	Requests map[string]string `json:"requests,omitempty"`

ResourceRequirements ...

type SELinuxOptions

type SELinuxOptions struct {
	User  string `json:"user"`
	Role  string `json:"role"`
	Type  string `json:"type"`
	Level string `json:"level"`

SELinuxOptions ...

type SecretKeySelector

type SecretKeySelector struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Key  string `json:"key"`

SecretKeySelector ...

type SecretVolumeSource

type SecretVolumeSource struct {
	SecretName string `json:"secretName"`

SecretVolumeSource ...

type SecurityContext

type SecurityContext struct {
	Capabilities           *Capabilities   `json:"capabilities,omitempty" description:"Optional. The capabilities to add/drop when running containers."`
	Privileged             bool            `json:"privileged,omitempty" description:"Optional. Run container in privileged mode."`
	SELinuxOptions         *SELinuxOptions `json:"seLinuxOptions,omitempty" description:"Optional. The SELinux context to be applied to the container."`
	RunAsUser              int64           `json:"runAsUser,omitempty" description:"Optional. The UID to run the entrypoint of the container process."`
	RunAsNonRoot           bool            `json:"runAsNonRoot,omitempty" description:"Optional. Indicates that the container must run as a non-root user."`
	ReadOnlyRootFilesystem bool            `json:"readOnlyRootFilesystem,omitempty" description:"Optional. Whether this container has a read-only root filesystem."`

SecurityContext ...

type Status

type Status struct {
	Kind       string         `json:"kind"`
	APIVersion string         `json:"apiVersion"`
	Metadata   *ListMeta      `json:"metadata"`
	Status     string         `json:"status"`
	Message    string         `json:"message"`
	Reason     string         `json:"reason"`
	Details    *StatusDetails `json:"details"`
	Code       int32          `json:"code"`

Status often return by BadRequest response

type StatusCause

type StatusCause struct {
	Reason  string `json:"reason"`
	Message string `json:"message"`
	Field   string `json:"field"`

StatusCause ...

type StatusDetails

type StatusDetails struct {
	Name              string        `json:"name"`
	Group             string        `json:"group"`
	Kind              string        `json:"kind"`
	Causes            []StatusCause `json:"causes"`
	RetryAfterSeconds int32         `json:"retryAfterSeconds"`

StatusDetails ...

type TCPSocketAction

type TCPSocketAction struct {
	Port string `json:"port"`

TCPSocketAction ...

type Volume

type Volume struct {
	Name                  string                             `json:"name"`
	HostPath              *HostPathVolumeSource              `json:"hostPath"`
	EmptyDir              *EmptyDirVolumeSource              `json:"emptyDir"`
	GcePersistentDisk     *GCEPersistentDiskVolumeSource     `json:"gcePersistentDisk"`
	AwsElasticBlockStore  *AWSElasticBlockStoreVolumeSource  `json:"awsElasticBlockStore"`
	GitRepo               *GitRepoVolumeSource               `json:"gitRepo"`
	Secret                *SecretVolumeSource                `json:"secret"`
	Nfs                   *NFSVolumeSource                   `json:"nfs"`
	Iscsi                 *ISCSIVolumeSource                 `json:"iscsi"`
	Glusterfs             *GlusterfsVolumeSource             `json:"glusterfs"`
	PersistentVolumeClaim *PersistentVolumeClaimVolumeSource `json:"persistentVolumeClaim"`
	Rbd                   *RBDVolumeSource                   `json:"rbd"`
	FlexVolume            *FlexVolumeSource                  `json:"flexVolume"`
	Cinder                *CinderVolumeSource                `json:"cinder"`
	Cephfs                *CephFSVolumeSource                `json:"cephfs"`
	Flocker               *FlockerVolumeSource               `json:"flocker"`
	DownwardAPI           *DownwardAPIVolumeSource           `json:"downwardAPI"`
	Fc                    *FCVolumeSource                    `json:"fc"`
	AzureFile             *AzureFileVolumeSource             `json:"azureFile"`

Volume ...

type VolumeMount

type VolumeMount struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `json:"readOnly"`
	MountPath string `json:"mountPath"`

VolumeMount ...

type WatchEvent

type WatchEvent struct {
	Type   string `json:"type"`
	Object string `json:"object"`

WatchEvent ...

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