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Package runner implements a solution to executes one or more commands which have been defined in a configuration file (by default "orbit.yml").

These commands, also called Orbit commands, runs one ore more external commands one by one.

Thanks to the generator package, the configuration file may be a data-driven template which is executed at runtime (e.g. no file generated).



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type OrbitCommand

type OrbitCommand struct {
	// Use is the name of the Orbit command.
	Use string `yaml:"use"`

	// Run is the stack of external commands to run.
	Run []string `yaml:"run"`

OrbitCommand represents an Orbit command as defined in the configuration file.

type OrbitRunner

type OrbitRunner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OrbitRunner helps executing Orbit commands.

func NewOrbitRunner

func NewOrbitRunner(context *context.OrbitContext) (*OrbitRunner, error)

NewOrbitRunner instantiates a new instance of OrbitRunner.

func (*OrbitRunner) Exec

func (r *OrbitRunner) Exec(names ...string) error

Exec executes the given Orbit commands.

type OrbitRunnerConfig

type OrbitRunnerConfig struct {
	// Commands slice represents the Orbit commands.
	Commands []*OrbitCommand `yaml:"commands"`

OrbitRunnerConfig represents a YAML configuration file defining Orbit commands.

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