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`Pāli Dictionary`_ and `Pāli Tipiṭaka`_

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Re-implementation of `Pāli Dictionary`_ and `Pāli Tipiṭaka`_ in Go_ programming

Development Environment:

  - `Ubuntu 22.04`_
  - `Go 1.18.10`_
  - GopherJS_

This directory contains implementation of `Pāli Dictionary`_.

Set Up Development Environment

1. Update Ubuntu and install packages for development:

   .. code-block:: bash

     $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
     $ sudo apt-get install wget make git gcc g++ gettext

2. `git clone`_ the `pali repository`_ and `data repository`_:

   .. code-block:: bash

     # create a workspace in your home directory
     $ mkdir ~/dev
     # enter workspace
     $ cd ~/dev
     # git clone paligo repository
     $ git clone https://github.com/siongui/paligo.git --depth=1
     # or clone with full depth
     #$ git clone https://github.com/siongui/paligo.git
     # git clone data repository
     $ cd ~/dev/paligo
     $ make clone_pali_data

3. Install necessary packages:

   - Go_
   - gopalilib_
   - `pali-transliteration`_
   - gtmpl_
   - `gopherjs-input-suggest`_
   -  GopherJS_


   .. code-block:: bash

     $ cd ~/dev/paligo/dictionary
     $ make download_go
     $ make install_gopherjs

4. Create localhost dictionary website:

   .. code-block:: bash

     # create only basic website (no symlinks for words and prefix)
     $ make make-local-basic
     # create complete website (this might take some time because of lots of symlinks)
     $ make make-local

5. Create basic localhost dictionary website and run development server at

   .. code-block:: bash

     $ make devserver

Offline Support

Use `Pāli Dictionary`_ without internet connection. The technique used to create
offline website is to embed all files of the website in Go code, and serve the
offline website via local http server.

Use goef_ package to embed all website content in Go code, together with a
simple http server to serve the website content on local machine/desktop/laptop.
See `offline dir <offline/>`_, `Makefile <Makefile>`__, and ref [11]_ for more

Deploy to GitHub Pages via GitHub Actions

TODO: add descriptions here.

Deploy to GitHub Pages via Travis CI (Obsoleted)

*This repo is not deployed via Travis CI now.*


- `.travis.yml <../.travis.yml>`_
- `config/dictionary.sutta.org.json <config/dictionary.sutta.org.json>`_
- `Makefile <Makefile>`__

The Pali dictionary has more than 200K+ words, and each words has its webpage.
So totally there are 200K+ symlinks pointing to the root *index.html*. Symbolic
links are created on Travis CI build, and Travis CI can deploy to GitHub Pages
after build success without problem. But after I add sub-sites for *en_US*,
*zh_TW*, *vi_VN*, and *fr_FR*, Travis CI cannot successfully deploy to GitHub
Pages after build success. This is because each sub-sites also has 200K+ pages,
totally we have 1M+ pages/symlinks in the repo. To handle so many symlinks,
Travis CI output nothing in 10 minutes so the deployment fails because 10 min
no output constraint.

I tried to deploy the website on my local Ubuntu machine, and after some
investigation [9]_, I successfully deploy to GitHub Pages:

.. code-block:: bash

  $ cd (website-directory)
  $ git init
  $ git add .
  $ git commit -m "Initial commit"
  $ git remote add origin <url>
  $ git push --force --set-upstream origin master:gh-pages

Even if the website is deployed to GitHub, the GitHub Pages build may fail due
to unknown timeout, so we can request a re-build as follows [10]_:

.. code-block:: bash

  $ curl -u $(USER) https://api.github.com/user \
         -X POST \
         -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \

You will be prompted for password.

After successfully deployment on local machine, I tried again to apply the
procedure of local deployment via Travis CI custom deployment, and successfully
deploy to GitHub Pages. See `Makefile <Makefile>`__ for more information.

Deploy to GitLab Pages


- `.gitlab-ci.yml <../.gitlab-ci.yml>`_
- `config/siongui.gitlab.io-pali-dictionary.json <config/siongui.gitlab.io-pali-dictionary.json>`_.
- `Makefile <Makefile>`__

GitLab CI always fail to deploy to GitLab Pages if there are lots of symlinks,
even if Travis CI can deploy without problem without sub-sites. No solution for

Currently GitLab repo is used to build offline website for Pāli Dictionary.

Bootstrap Website (Optional)

TODO: Provide instructions for offline website data processing.

- How to create JSON format files from original CSV data.
- How to extract i18n string for translation
- How to convert PO to JSON format files
- Build succinct data structure trie for all Pali words.
  (For fast lookup without using too much space)
- Embed all JSON format files in Go code by using goef package.

.. code-block:: bash

  # optional: parse dictionary books
  $ make parsebooks

  $ make parsewords

  # optional: convert po files to json
  $ make po2json

  # optional: build succinct trie
  $ make succinct_trie

  # optional: create VFS (embed data in front-end Go code)
  #TODO: doc to build all pali words package using goef
  #TODO: doc to embed data except pali words


Released in public domain. See UNLICENSE_.


.. [1] `GitHub - siongui/pali: Pāḷi Tipiṭaka and Pāḷi Dictionaries <https://github.com/siongui/pali>`_

.. [2] `siongui/data: Data files for Pāḷi Tipiṭaka, Pāḷi Dictionaries, and external libraries <https://github.com/siongui/data>`_

.. [3] `old implementation of Pāli Dictionary <https://palidictionary.appspot.com/>`_

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.. _Pāli Dictionary: https://dictionary.sutta.org/
.. _Pāli Tipiṭaka: https://tipitaka.sutta.org/
.. _Go: https://golang.org/
.. _Ubuntu 22.04: https://releases.ubuntu.com/22.04/
.. _Go 1.18.10: https://golang.org/dl/
.. _git clone: https://www.google.com/search?q=git+clone
.. _pali repository: https://github.com/siongui/pali
.. _data repository: https://github.com/siongui/data
.. _UNLICENSE: https://unlicense.org/
.. _GopherJS: http://www.gopherjs.org/
.. _go-online-pali-ime: https://github.com/siongui/go-online-input-method-pali
.. _gopherjs-input-suggest: https://github.com/siongui/gopherjs-input-suggest
.. _pali-transliteration: https://github.com/siongui/pali-transliteration
.. _gtmpl: https://github.com/siongui/gtmpl
.. _gopalilib: https://github.com/siongui/gopalilib
.. _goef: https://github.com/siongui/goef



Create the only index.html for Single Page Application (SPA), and 404.html to be served if not found.


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