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type IGTopliveResp

type IGTopliveResp struct {
	Broadcasts []struct {
		Id                 int64   `json:"id"`
		RtmpPlaybackUrl    string  `json:"rtmp_playback_url"`
		DashPlaybackUrl    string  `json:"dash_playback_url"`
		DashAbrPlaybackUrl string  `json:"dash_abr_playback_url"`
		BroadcastStatus    string  `json:"broadcast_status"`
		ViewerCount        float64 `json:"viewer_count"`
		InternalOnly       bool    `json:"internal_only"`
		CoverFrameUrl      string  `json:"cover_frame_url"`
		BroadcastOwner     struct {
			Pk               int64  `json:"pk"`
			Username         string `json:"username"`
			FullName         string `json:"full_name"`
			IsPrivate        bool   `json:"is_private"`
			ProfilePicUrl    string `json:"profile_pic_url"`
			ProfilePicId     string `json:"profile_pic_id"`
			FriendshipStatus struct {
				Following       bool `json:"following"`
				FollowedBy      bool `json:"followed_by"`
				Blocking        bool `json:"blocking"`
				IsPrivate       bool `json:"is_private"`
				IncomingRequest bool `json:"incoming_request"`
				OutgoingRequest bool `json:"outgoing_request"`
				IsBestie        bool `json:"is_bestie"`
			} `json:"friendship_status"`
			IsVerified bool `json:"is_verified"`
		} `json:"broadcast_owner"`
		PublishedTime        int64  `json:"published_time"`
		MediaId              string `json:"media_id"`
		BroadcastMessage     string `json:"broadcast_message"`
		OrganicTrackingToken string `json:"organic_tracking_token"`
	} `json:"broadcasts"`
	MoreAvailable       bool   `json:"more_available"`
	AutoLoadMoreEnabled bool   `json:"auto_load_more_enabled"`
	NextMaxId           int64  `json:"next_max_id"`
	Status              string `json:"status"`

Decode JSON data returned from Instagram top live API

func Toplive

func Toplive(ds_user_id, sessionid, csrftoken string) (tr IGTopliveResp, err error)

Given a string, return the users that best matches the string. This is actually *topsearch* on Instagram web.

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