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func ToBranch

func ToBranch(b *models.Branch, c *git.Commit) *api.Branch

ToBranch convert a commit and branch to an api.Branch

func ToCommit

func ToCommit(c *git.Commit) *api.PayloadCommit

ToCommit convert a commit to api.PayloadCommit

func ToCorrectPageSize

func ToCorrectPageSize(size int) int

ToCorrectPageSize makes sure page size is in allowed range.

func ToDeployKey

func ToDeployKey(apiLink string, key *models.DeployKey) *api.DeployKey

ToDeployKey convert models.DeployKey to api.DeployKey

func ToEmail

func ToEmail(email *models.EmailAddress) *api.Email

ToEmail convert models.EmailAddress to api.Email

func ToGPGKey added in v1.2.0

func ToGPGKey(key *models.GPGKey) *api.GPGKey

ToGPGKey converts models.GPGKey to api.GPGKey

func ToGPGKeyEmail added in v1.2.0

func ToGPGKeyEmail(email *models.EmailAddress) *api.GPGKeyEmail

ToGPGKeyEmail convert models.EmailAddress to api.GPGKeyEmail

func ToHook

func ToHook(repoLink string, w *models.Webhook) *api.Hook

ToHook convert models.Webhook to api.Hook

func ToOrganization

func ToOrganization(org *models.User) *api.Organization

ToOrganization convert models.User to api.Organization

func ToPublicKey

func ToPublicKey(apiLink string, key *models.PublicKey) *api.PublicKey

ToPublicKey convert models.PublicKey to api.PublicKey

func ToTeam

func ToTeam(team *models.Team) *api.Team

ToTeam convert models.Team to api.Team


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