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type User

type User struct {
	Name  string
	Age   int
	Email string

func (*User) Delete

func (t *User) Delete() error

func (*User) Save

func (t *User) Save() error

type UserQueryBuilder

type UserQueryBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*UserQueryBuilder) Count

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) Count() (int, error)

func (*UserQueryBuilder) First

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) First() (*User, error)

func (*UserQueryBuilder) Limit

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) Limit(limit int) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) Offset

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) Offset(offset int) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByAge

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByAge(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByCreatedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByCreatedAt(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByDeletedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByDeletedAt(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByEmail

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByEmail(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByID

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByID(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByName

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByName(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) OrderByUpdatedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) OrderByUpdatedAt(asc bool) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) QueryAll

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) QueryAll() ([]User, error)

func (*UserQueryBuilder) QueryOne

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) QueryOne() (*User, error)

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereAge

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereAge(p gormgen.Predicate, value int) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereCreatedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereCreatedAt(p gormgen.Predicate, value time.Time) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereDeletedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereDeletedAt(p gormgen.Predicate, value *time.Time) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereEmail

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereEmail(p gormgen.Predicate, value string) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereID

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereID(p gormgen.Predicate, value uint) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereName

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereName(p gormgen.Predicate, value string) *UserQueryBuilder

func (*UserQueryBuilder) WhereUpdatedAt

func (qb *UserQueryBuilder) WhereUpdatedAt(p gormgen.Predicate, value time.Time) *UserQueryBuilder

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