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Amazon CloudWatch Output for Telegraf

This plugin will send points to Amazon CloudWatch.

Amazon Authentication

This plugin uses a credential chain for Authentication with the CloudWatch API endpoint. In the following order the plugin will attempt to authenticate.

  1. IAMS Role
  2. Environment Variables
  3. Shared Credentials


For this output plugin to function correctly the following variables must be configured.

  • region
  • namespace


The region is the Amazon region that you wish to connect to. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • us-west-1
  • us-west-2
  • us-east-1
  • ap-southeast-1
  • ap-southeast-2


The namespace used for AWS CloudWatch metrics.




This section is empty.


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func BuildDimensions

func BuildDimensions(ptTags map[string]string) []*cloudwatch.Dimension

Make a list of Dimensions by using a Point's tags. CloudWatch supports up to 10 dimensions per metric so we only keep up to the first 10 alphabetically. This always includes the "host" tag if it exists.

func BuildMetricDatum

func BuildMetricDatum(point *client.Point) []*cloudwatch.MetricDatum

Make a MetricDatum for each field in a Point. Only fields with values that can be converted to float64 are supported. Non-supported fields are skipped.

func PartitionDatums

func PartitionDatums(size int, datums []*cloudwatch.MetricDatum) [][]*cloudwatch.MetricDatum

Partition the MetricDatums into smaller slices of a max size so that are under the limit for the AWS API calls.


type CloudWatch

type CloudWatch struct {
	Region    string // AWS Region
	Namespace string // CloudWatch Metrics Namespace
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*CloudWatch) Close

func (c *CloudWatch) Close() error

func (*CloudWatch) Connect

func (c *CloudWatch) Connect() error

func (*CloudWatch) Description

func (c *CloudWatch) Description() string

func (*CloudWatch) SampleConfig

func (c *CloudWatch) SampleConfig() string

func (*CloudWatch) Write

func (c *CloudWatch) Write(points []*client.Point) error

func (*CloudWatch) WriteSinglePoint

func (c *CloudWatch) WriteSinglePoint(point *client.Point) error

Write data for a single point. A point can have many fields and one field is equal to one MetricDatum. There is a limit on how many MetricDatums a request can have so we process one Point at a time.

func (*CloudWatch) WriteToCloudWatch

func (c *CloudWatch) WriteToCloudWatch(datums []*cloudwatch.MetricDatum) error

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