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const DefaultPassword = "guest"
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const DefaultURL = "http://localhost:15672"
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const DefaultUsername = "guest"


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type Details

type Details struct {
	Rate float64

type MessageStats

type MessageStats struct {
	Ack               int64
	AckDetails        Details `json:"ack_details"`
	Deliver           int64
	DeliverDetails    Details `json:"deliver_details"`
	DeliverGet        int64
	DeliverGetDetails Details `json:"deliver_get_details"`
	Publish           int64
	PublishDetails    Details `json:"publish_details"`
	Redeliver         int64
	RedeliverDetails  Details `json:"redeliver_details"`

type Node

type Node struct {
	Name string

	DiskFree      int64 `json:"disk_free"`
	DiskFreeLimit int64 `json:"disk_free_limit"`
	FdTotal       int64 `json:"fd_total"`
	FdUsed        int64 `json:"fd_used"`
	MemLimit      int64 `json:"mem_limit"`
	MemUsed       int64 `json:"mem_used"`
	ProcTotal     int64 `json:"proc_total"`
	ProcUsed      int64 `json:"proc_used"`
	RunQueue      int64 `json:"run_queue"`
	SocketsTotal  int64 `json:"sockets_total"`
	SocketsUsed   int64 `json:"sockets_used"`

type ObjectTotals

type ObjectTotals struct {
	Channels    int64
	Connections int64
	Consumers   int64
	Exchanges   int64
	Queues      int64

type OverviewResponse

type OverviewResponse struct {
	MessageStats *MessageStats `json:"message_stats"`
	ObjectTotals *ObjectTotals `json:"object_totals"`
	QueueTotals  *QueueTotals  `json:"queue_totals"`

type Queue

type Queue struct {
	QueueTotals         // just to not repeat the same code
	MessageStats        `json:"message_stats"`
	Memory              int64
	Consumers           int64
	ConsumerUtilisation float64 `json:"consumer_utilisation"`
	Name                string
	Node                string
	Vhost               string
	Durable             bool
	AutoDelete          bool `json:"auto_delete"`

type QueueTotals

type QueueTotals struct {
	Messages                   int64
	MessagesReady              int64 `json:"messages_ready"`
	MessagesUnacknowledged     int64 `json:"messages_unacknowledged"`
	MessageBytes               int64 `json:"message_bytes"`
	MessageBytesReady          int64 `json:"message_bytes_ready"`
	MessageBytesUnacknowledged int64 `json:"message_bytes_unacknowledged"`
	MessageRam                 int64 `json:"message_bytes_ram"`
	MessagePersistent          int64 `json:"message_bytes_persistent"`

type RabbitMQ

type RabbitMQ struct {
	URL      string
	Name     string
	Username string
	Password string
	Nodes    []string
	Queues   []string

	Client *http.Client

func (*RabbitMQ) Description

func (r *RabbitMQ) Description() string

func (*RabbitMQ) Gather

func (r *RabbitMQ) Gather(acc inputs.Accumulator) error

func (*RabbitMQ) SampleConfig

func (r *RabbitMQ) SampleConfig() string

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