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Published: Nov 22, 2015 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 3 Imported by: 47



Manages reading the configuration file format into our shared conf state. The AWS SDKs utilize a conf file format that this package attempts compatibility with while supporting extra fields. This is why the type detailing the file and internal formats differ. See SAMPLE-aws-config.json in the source repository for a sample.

This package will eventually feature code to interoperate with the "official" SDK once it settles.



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const (
	CONF_NAME          = "aws-config.json"


This section is empty.


func IsValid

func IsValid(c *AWS_Conf) bool

IsValid returns true of the conf pointer passed is not nil and references an initialized struct.


type AWS_Conf

type AWS_Conf struct {
	// Set to true if this struct is populated correctly.
	Initialized bool
	// Traditional AWS authentication pair.
	Auth struct {
		AccessKey string
		Secret    string
	// Dynamo connection data.
	Network struct {
		DynamoDB struct {
			Host   string
			Scheme string
			// Port is converted into a string for internal use, typically
			// stitching together URL path strings.
			Port      string
			KeepAlive bool
			IP        string
			Zone      string
			URL       string
	// If using syslogd
	UseSysLog bool
	// If using IAM
	UseIAM bool
	// The IAM role provider info
	IAM struct {
		RoleProvider string
		Watch        bool
		// Tells you where the credentials can be read from
		File struct {
			AccessKey string
			Secret    string
			Token     string
			BaseDir   string
		// The credentials themselves, once loaded from Files.* above
		// these are kept distinct from the global AccessKey and Secret
		// in the event a caller wants a mixed model
		Credentials struct {
			AccessKey string
			Secret    string
			Token     string
	// Lock used when accessing IAM values, which will change during execution.
	// other values will persist for program duration so they can be read without locking.
	ConfLock sync.RWMutex

AWS_Conf is the structure used internally in godynamo.

var (
	Vals AWS_Conf

Vals is the global conf vals struct. It is shared throughout the duration of program execution. Use the embedded ConfLock mutex to use it safely. It is preferred now that developers avoid this and instead use methods that take a configuration parameter.

func (*AWS_Conf) Copy

func (c *AWS_Conf) Copy(s *AWS_Conf) error

Copy will safely copy the values from one conf struct to another.

func (*AWS_Conf) CredentialsFromRoles

func (c *AWS_Conf) CredentialsFromRoles(r roles.RolesReader) error

CredentialsFromRoles will copy the accessKey,secret, and optionally the token from the Roles instance and set the IAM flag appropriately.

type SDK_conf_file

type SDK_conf_file struct {
	Extends  []string
	Services struct {
		Default_settings struct {
			Params struct {
				// Traditional AWS access/secret authentication pair.
				Access_key_id     string
				Secret_access_key string
				// If you use syslogd (a linux or *bsd system), you may set this to "true".
				// (this is currently unused)
				Use_sys_log bool
		Dynamo_db struct {
			// Your dynamo hostname.
			Host string
			// Typically http or https, will have "://" appended.
			Scheme string
			// Port should correspond to the scheme.
			Port int
			// If set to true, programs that are written with godynamo may
			// opt to launch the keepalive goroutine to keep conns open.
			KeepAlive bool
			// Your aws zone.
			Zone string
			IAM  struct {
				// Set to true to use IAM authentication.
				Use_iam bool
				// The role provider is described in the goawsroles package.
				// See:
				// Currently the only support is for the "file" provider, whereby
				// roles data is written to local files.
				Role_provider string
				// The identifier (filename, etc) for the IAM Access Key
				Access_key string
				// The identifier (filename, etc) for the IAM Secret Key
				Secret_key string
				// The identifier (filename, etc) for the IAM Token
				Token string
				// If using the "file" role provider, the base dir to read IAM files.
				Base_dir string
				// Set to true if you would like the roles resource watched for changes
				// and automatically (and atomically) updated.
				Watch bool

SDK_conf_File roughly matches the format as used by recent amazon SDKs, plus some additions. These are correlated to the fields you would fill in the conf file

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