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type ImagesController

type ImagesController struct {

ImagesController controls access to any meta information surrounding a registry image

func (*ImagesController) GetImages

func (c *ImagesController) GetImages()

GetImages returns the template for the images page

type RegistriesController

type RegistriesController struct {

RegistriesController extends the beego.Controller type

func (*RegistriesController) AddRegistry

func (c *RegistriesController) AddRegistry()

AddRegistry adds a registry to the active registry list from a form

func (*RegistriesController) EditRegistry

func (c *RegistriesController) EditRegistry()

func (*RegistriesController) Get

func (c *RegistriesController) Get()

Get returns the template for the registries page

func (*RegistriesController) GetRegistryCount

func (c *RegistriesController) GetRegistryCount()

GetRegistryCount returns the number of currently added registries

func (*RegistriesController) Refresh

func (c *RegistriesController) Refresh()

Refresh refreshes the passed registry

func (*RegistriesController) RegistryStatus

func (c *RegistriesController) RegistryStatus()

RegistryStatus responds with JSON containing the status of the registry

type RepositoriesController

type RepositoriesController struct {

RepositoriesController controls interactions between the UI and any repository related information

func (*RepositoriesController) GetAllRepositories

func (c *RepositoriesController) GetAllRepositories()

GetAllRepositories returns the template for the all registries page

func (*RepositoriesController) GetAllRepositoryCount

func (c *RepositoriesController) GetAllRepositoryCount()

GetAllRepositoryCount returns the number of currently available repositories

func (*RepositoriesController) GetRepositories

func (c *RepositoriesController) GetRepositories()

GetRepositories returns the template for the table on the repositories page

type TagsController

type TagsController struct {

TagsController controls interaction between the UI and all tag related information

func (*TagsController) DeleteTags

func (c *TagsController) DeleteTags()

DeleteTags deletes the manifest using the passed tag using the digest method

func (*TagsController) GetTags

func (c *TagsController) GetTags()

GetTags returns the template for the registries page

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