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var Null = NullMeter{}

Null is a default NullMeter instance


func MockMeter

func MockMeter(meter Meter) func()


type ANSIMeter

type ANSIMeter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ANSIMeter is a progress.Meter that uses ANSI escape codes to make better use of the available horizontal space.

func (*ANSIMeter) Finished

func (*ANSIMeter) Finished()

func (*ANSIMeter) Notify

func (*ANSIMeter) Notify(msgstr string)

func (*ANSIMeter) Set

func (p *ANSIMeter) Set(current float64)

func (*ANSIMeter) SetTotal

func (p *ANSIMeter) SetTotal(total float64)

func (*ANSIMeter) Spin

func (p *ANSIMeter) Spin(msgstr string)

func (*ANSIMeter) Start

func (p *ANSIMeter) Start(label string, total float64)

func (*ANSIMeter) Write

func (p *ANSIMeter) Write(bs []byte) (n int, err error)

type Meter

type Meter interface {
	// Start progress with max "total" steps
	Start(label string, total float64)

	// set progress to the "current" step
	Set(current float64)

	// set "total" steps needed
	SetTotal(total float64)

	// Finish the progress display

	// Indicate indefinite activity by showing a spinner
	Spin(msg string)

	// interface for writer
	Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

	// notify the user of miscellaneous events

Meter is an interface to show progress to the user

func MakeProgressBar

func MakeProgressBar(w io.Writer) Meter

MakeProgressBar creates an appropriate progress.Meter for the environ in which it is called:

  • if MockMeter has been called, return that.
  • if w is not nil nor os.Stdout, a QuietMeter outputting to it is returned.
  • if no terminal is attached, or we think we're running a test, a minimalistic QuietMeter outputting to stdout is returned.
  • otherwise, an ANSIMeter is returned.

type NullMeter

type NullMeter struct{}

NullMeter is a Meter that does nothing

func (NullMeter) Finished

func (NullMeter) Finished()

func (NullMeter) Notify

func (NullMeter) Notify(string)

func (NullMeter) Set

func (NullMeter) Set(float64)

func (NullMeter) SetTotal

func (NullMeter) SetTotal(float64)

func (NullMeter) Spin

func (NullMeter) Spin(msg string)

func (NullMeter) Start

func (NullMeter) Start(string, float64)

func (NullMeter) Write

func (NullMeter) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

type QuietMeter

type QuietMeter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

QuietMeter is a Meter that _just_ shows Notify()s.

func (QuietMeter) Notify

func (m QuietMeter) Notify(msg string)


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