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Published: May 26, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 3 Imported by: 0



SDK for a few Snowpal APIs.

Check out the recipes to get a sense of some available endpoints.

"name": "Snowpal: Building Blocks",
  "name": "Attributes.1",
      "name": "Attributes.1.1: Get displayable attributes of Key, Block and Pod",
      "name": "Attributes.1.2: Update key display attributes",
      "name": "Attributes.1.3: Update block display attributes",
      "name": "Attributes.1.4: Update key pod display attributes",
      "name": "Attributes.1.5: Update block pod display attributes",
  "name": "Blocks.1",
      "name": "Blocks.1.1: Get blocks in a key",
      "name": "Blocks.1.2: Add block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.3: Get blocks linked to pod",
      "name": "Blocks.1.4: Add block (based on template)",
      "name": "Blocks.1.5: Link block to key",
      "name": "Blocks.1.6: Unlink block from key",
      "name": "Blocks.1.7: Get all blocks available to be linked to this key",
      "name": "Blocks.1.8: Get block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.9: Update block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.10: Add block type to block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.11: Delete block type from block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.12: Add scale to block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.13: Delete scale from block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.14: Add scale value to block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.15: Update block description",
      "name": "Blocks.1.16: Archive block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.17: Unarchive block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.18: Get all archived blocks",
      "name": "Blocks.1.19: Bulk archive blocks",
      "name": "Blocks.1.20: Allow archival of block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.21: Copy block",
      "name": "Blocks.1.22: Move block",
  "name": "Blocks.2: Attachments",
      "name": "Blocks.2.1: Get block attachments",
      "name": "Blocks.2.2: Add block attachment",
      "name": "Blocks.2.3: Rename block attachment",
      "name": "Blocks.2.4: Delete block attachment",
  "name": "Blocks.3: Charts",
      "name": "Blocks.3.1: Get linked block pods",
      "name": "Blocks.3.2: Get scale values for scale",
      "name": "Blocks.3.3: Get task status for block",
      "name": "Blocks.3.4: Get block grades for all students",
  "name": "Blocks.4: Checklists",
      "name": "Blocks.4.1: Get block checklists",
      "name": "Blocks.4.2: Add block checklist",
      "name": "Blocks.4.3: Reorder block checklists",
      "name": "Blocks.4.4: Rename checklist title",
      "name": "Blocks.4.5: Delete checklist",
      "name": "Blocks.4.6: Add checklist item",
      "name": "Blocks.4.7: Update checklist item",
      "name": "Blocks.4.8: Delete checklist item",
      "name": "Blocks.4.9: Reorder checklist items",
  "name": "Blocks.5: Comments",
      "name": "Blocks.5.1: Get block comments",
      "name": "Blocks.5.2: Add block comment",
      "name": "Blocks.5.3: Update block comment",
      "name": "Blocks.5.4: Delete block comment",
  "name": "Blocks.6: Notes",
      "name": "Blocks.6.1: Get block notes",
      "name": "Blocks.6.2: Add block note",
      "name": "Blocks.6.3: Update block note",
      "name": "Blocks.6.4: Delete block note",
  "name": "Blocks.7: Tasks",
      "name": "Blocks.7.1: Get block tasks",
      "name": "Blocks.7.2: Add block task",
      "name": "Blocks.7.3: Update block task",
      "name": "Blocks.7.4: Delete block task",
      "name": "Blocks.7.5: Assign block task",
      "name": "Blocks.7.6: Unassign block task",
      "name": "Blocks.7.7: Reorder block tasks",
  "name": "Block Pods.1",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.1: Get block pods",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.2: Add block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.3: Add block pod (based on template).",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.4: Link pod to block",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.5: Unlink pod from block",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.6: Get block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.7: Update block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.8: Update block pod completion status",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.9: Add pod type to block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.10: Remove pod type from block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.11: Add scale to block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.12: Delete scale from block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.13: Update block pod scale value",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.14: Archive block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.15: Get archived block pods",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.16: Get pods available to be linked",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.17: Unarchive block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.18: Bulk archive block pods",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.19: Update block pod description",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.20: Allow archival of block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.21: Copy block pod",
      "name": "Block Pods.1.22: Move block pod",
  "name": "Block Pods.2: Attachments",
      "name": "Block Pods.2.1: Get block pod attachments",
      "name": "Block Pods.2.2: Add block pod attachment",
      "name": "Block Pods.2.3: Rename block pod attachment",
      "name": "Block Pods.2.4: Delete block pod attachment",
  "name": "Block Pods.3:  Charts",
      "name": "Block Pods.3.1: Get block pod tasks (for Charts)",
      "name": "Block Pods.3.2: Get block pod grades for all students",
  "name": "Block Pods.4: Checklists",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.1: Get block pod checklists",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.2: Add block pod checklist",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.3: Reorder block pod checklists",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.4: Delete block pod checklist",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.5: Rename block pod checklist",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.6: Add block pod checklist item",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.7: Update block pod checklist item",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.8: Delete block pod checklist item",
      "name": "Block Pods.4.9: Reorder block pod checklist items",
  "name": "Block Pods.5: Comments",
      "name": "Block Pods.5.1: Get block pod comments",
      "name": "Block Pods.5.2: Add block pod comment",
      "name": "Block Pods.5.3: Update block pod comment",
      "name": "Block Pods.5.4: Delete block pod comment",
  "name": "Block Pods.6: Notes",
      "name": "Block Pods.6.1: Get block pod notes",
      "name": "Block Pods.6.2: Add block pod note",
      "name": "Block Pods.6.3: Update block pod note",
      "name": "Block Pods.6.4: Delete block pod note",
  "name": "Block Pods.7: Tasks",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.1: Get block pod tasks",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.2: Add block pod task",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.3: Update block pod task",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.4: Delete block pod task",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.5: Assign block pod task",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.6: Unassign block pod task",
      "name": "Block Pods.7.7: Reorder block pod tasks",
  "name": "Block Types.1",
      "name": "Block Types.1.1: Get block types",
      "name": "Block Types.1.2: Add block type",
      "name": "Block Types.1.3: Update block type",
      "name": "Block Types.1.4: Delete block type",
      "name": "Block Types.1.5: Get blocks using block type",
  "name": "Collaboration.1: Blocks",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.1: Get block collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.2: Update collaborator's access level",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.3: Unshare block from collaborator",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.4: Share block with user",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.5: Share block with user (along with pods)",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.6: Get all users this block can be shared with",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.7: Bulk share blocks with collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.1.8: Leave block",
  "name": "Collaboration.2: Block Pods",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.1: Get block pod collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.2: Share block pod with user",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.3: Unshare block pod from user",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.4: Bulk share block pods with collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.5: Get all users this block pod can be shared with",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.6: Update block pod ACL",
      "name": "Collaboration.2.7: Leave block pod",
  "name": "Collaboration.3: Key Pods",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.1: Get key pod collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.2: Share key pod with user",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.3: Bulk share pods with collaborators",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.4: Unshare key pod from user",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.5: Get all users this key pod can be shared with",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.6: Update pod ACL",
      "name": "Collaboration.3.7: Leave pod",
  "name": "Comments.1",
      "name": "Comments.1.1: Get recent comments",
  "name": "Conversations.1",
      "name": "Conversations.1.1: Get unread conversations count",
      "name": "Conversations.1.2: Get user conversations",
      "name": "Conversations.1.3: Add private or group conversation",
      "name": "Conversations.1.4: Get conversation for given usernames",
      "name": "Conversations.1.5: Send message to an existing conversation",
      "name": "Conversations.1.6: Get conversation",
      "name": "Conversations.1.7: Delete conversation",
      "name": "Conversations.1.8: Leave conversation",
      "name": "Conversations.1.9: Archive conversation",
  "name": "Dashboard.2: Charts",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.1: Get user keys, blocks and pods",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.2: Get system keys, blocks and pods",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.3: Get filtered user keys, blocks and pods.",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.4: Get filtered system keys, blocks and pods.",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.5: Get blocks based on block types",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.6: Get pods based on pod types",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.7: Get blocks and pods based on scales",
      "name": "Dashboard.2.8: Get tasks by status",
  "name": "Dashboard.1",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.1: Get dashboard details",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.2: Get recently modified blocks and pods",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.3: Get unread count",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.4: Get recently modified keys",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.5: Get pods and tasks due shortly",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.6: Get blocks due shortly",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.7: Get unread notifications",
      "name": "Dashboard.1.8: Get unread conversations",
  "name": "Favorites.1",
      "name": "Favorites.1.1: Get favorites",
      "name": "Favorites.1.2: Add key as favorite",
      "name": "Favorites.1.3: Add block as favorite",
      "name": "Favorites.1.4: Add pod as favorite",
      "name": "Favorites.1.5: Add block pod as favorite",
      "name": "Favorites.1.6: Delete favorite",
  "name": "Followers.1",
      "name": "Followers.1.1: Add user to `Follow Us` list",
      "name": "Followers.1.2: Get Followers",
  "name": "Keys.1",
      "name": "Keys.1.1: Get all keys",
      "name": "Keys.1.2: Add key",
      "name": "Keys.1.3: Get key",
      "name": "Keys.1.4: Update key",
      "name": "Keys.1.5: Get archived keys",
      "name": "Keys.1.6: Get keys a pod is linked to",
      "name": "Keys.1.7: Get keys a block is linked to",
      "name": "Keys.1.8: Get keys filtered by type",
      "name": "Keys.1.9: Bulk archive keys",
      "name": "Keys.1.10: Archive key",
      "name": "Keys.1.11: Unarchive key",
      "name": "Keys.1.12: Update key description",
  "name": "Keys.2: Charts",
      "name": "Keys.2.1: Get blocks and pods associated with key",
      "name": "Keys.2.2: Get filtered user keys, blocks and pods for given key.",
      "name": "Keys.2.3: Get block types and blocks based on them (in key)",
      "name": "Keys.2.4: Get pods based on pod types (in key)",
      "name": "Keys.2.5: Get scales along with blocks and pods based on them",
      "name": "Keys.2.6: Get linked resources",
      "name": "Keys.2.7: Get key pod and block scale values",
      "name": "Keys.2.8: Get task status",
  "name": "Keys.3: Checklists",
      "name": "Keys.3.1: Get key checklists",
      "name": "Keys.3.2: Add key checklist",
      "name": "Keys.3.3: Reorder key checklists",
      "name": "Keys.3.4: Rename checklist",
      "name": "Keys.3.5: Delete key checklist",
      "name": "Keys.3.6: Add key checklist item",
      "name": "Keys.3.7: Update key checklist item",
      "name": "Keys.3.8: Delete key checklist item",
      "name": "Keys.3.9: Reorder key checklist items",
  "name": "Keys.4: Notes",
      "name": "Keys.4.1: Get key notes",
      "name": "Keys.4.2: Add key note",
      "name": "Keys.4.3: Update key note",
      "name": "Keys.4.4: Delete key note",
  "name": "Keys.5: Tasks",
      "name": "Keys.5.1: Get key tasks",
      "name": "Keys.5.2: Add key task",
      "name": "Keys.5.3: Update key task",
      "name": "Keys.5.4: Delete key task",
      "name": "Keys.5.5: Reorder key task",
  "name": "Key Pods.1",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.1: Get key pods",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.2: Add key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.3: Get key pods available to be linked",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.4: Link key pod to key",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.5: Unlink key pod from key",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.6: Get key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.7: Update key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.8: Update key pod's completion status",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.9: Update key pod's scale value.",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.10: Add pod type to key pod.",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.11: Remove pod type from key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.12: Add scale to pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.13: Delete scale from key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.14: Archive key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.15: Get archived pods",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.16: Unarchive key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.17: Bulk archive key pods",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.18: Update key pod description",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.19: Allow archival of key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.20: Copy key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.1.21: Move key pod",
  "name": "Key Pods.2: Attachments",
      "name": "Key Pods.2.1: Get key pod attachments",
      "name": "Key Pods.2.2: Add attachment to key pod",
      "name": "Key Pods.2.3: Rename key pod attachment",
      "name": "Key Pods.2.4: Delete key pod attachment",
  "name": "Key Pods.3: Checklists",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.1: Get key pod checklists",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.2: Add key pod checklist",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.3: Reorder key pod checklists",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.4: Delete key pod checklist",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.5: Rename key pod checklist",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.6: Add key pod checklist item",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.7: Update key pod checklist item",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.8: Delete key pod checklist item",
      "name": "Key Pods.3.9: Reorder key pod checklist items",
  "name": "Key Pods.4: Comments",
      "name": "Key Pods.4.1: Get key pod comments",
      "name": "Key Pods.4.2: Add key pod comment",
      "name": "Key Pods.4.3: Update key pod comment",
      "name": "Key Pods.4.4: Delete key pod comment",
  "name": "Key Pods.5: Notes",
      "name": "Key Pods.5.1: Get key pod notes",
      "name": "Key Pods.5.2: Add key pod note",
      "name": "Key Pods.5.3: Update key pod note",
      "name": "Key Pods.5.4: Delete key pod note",
  "name": "Key Pods.6: Tasks",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.1: Get key pod tasks",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.2: Add key pod task",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.3: Update key pod task",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.4: Delete key pod task",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.5: Assign key pod task",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.6: Unassign key pod task",
      "name": "Key Pods.6.7: Reorder key pod tasks",
  "name": "Notifications.1",
      "name": "Notifications.1.1: Get all notifications",
      "name": "Notifications.1.2: Get unread notifications",
      "name": "Notifications.1.3: Get unread notification count",
      "name": "Notifications.1.4: Mark notification as read",
      "name": "Notifications.1.5: Mark notifications as read (in bulk)",
  "name": "Pod Types.1",
      "name": "Pod Types.1.1: Get pod types",
      "name": "Pod Types.1.2: Add pod type",
      "name": "Pod Types.1.3: Update pod type",
      "name": "Pod Types.1.4: Delete pod type",
      "name": "Pod Types.1.5: Get pods using pod type",
  "name": "Profile.1",
      "name": "Profile.1.1: Get user's introduction profile",
      "name": "Profile.1.2: Get user's profile",
      "name": "Profile.1.3: Update user's profile",
      "name": "Profile.1.4: Update username",
      "name": "Profile.1.5: Blocks user from sending messages",
      "name": "Profile.1.6: Unblocks user",
  "name": "Project Keys.1",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.1: Add a project pod",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.2: Add project pod (based on template)",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.3: Link project pod to block",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.4: Reorder project pods",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.5: Copy project pod",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.6: Move project pod",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.7: Copy project block",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.8: Assign project pod",
      "name": "Project Keys.1.9: Unassign project pod",
  "name": "Project Keys.2: Lists",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.1: Add project block list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.2: Get project lists",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.3: Copy all pods in project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.4: Bulk copy pods in project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.5: Move all pods in project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.6: Bulk move pods in project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.7: Move project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.8: Get project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.9: Rename project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.10: Reorder project list",
      "name": "Project Keys.2.11: Archive project list",
  "name": "Registration.1",
      "name": "Registration.1.1: Register new user by email",
      "name": "Registration.1.2: Sign in by email",
      "name": "Registration.1.3: Reset password",
      "name": "Registration.1.4: Activate user",
  "name": "Relations.1",
      "name": "Relations.1.1: Get relations matching search token",
      "name": "Relations.1.2: Get relations for key",
      "name": "Relations.1.3: Get relations for block",
      "name": "Relations.1.4: Get relations for pod",
      "name": "Relations.1.5: Get relations for block pod",
      "name": "Relations.1.6: Relate key to key",
      "name": "Relations.1.7: Unrelate key from key",
      "name": "Relations.1.8: Relate block to key",
      "name": "Relations.1.9: Unrelate block from key",
      "name": "Relations.1.10: Relate pod to key",
      "name": "Relations.1.11: Unrelate pod from key",
      "name": "Relations.1.12: Relate pod to block",
      "name": "Relations.1.13: Unrelate pod from block",
      "name": "Relations.1.14: Relate block to block",
      "name": "Relations.1.15: Unrelate block from block",
      "name": "Relations.1.16: Relate pod to pod",
      "name": "Relations.1.17: Unrelate pod from pod",
  "name": "Scales.1",
      "name": "Scales.1.1: Get scales",
      "name": "Scales.1.2: Add scale",
      "name": "Scales.1.3: Get scale",
      "name": "Scales.1.4: Update scale",
      "name": "Scales.1.5: Delete scale",
      "name": "Scales.1.6: Get blocks using scale",
      "name": "Scales.1.7: Get pods using scale",
  "name": "Scheduler.1",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.1: Get all events in given window",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.2: Get all events for given day",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.3: Get standalone events",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.4: Add standalone event",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.5: Update standalone event",
      "name": "Scheduler.1.6: Delete standalone event",
  "name": "Search.1",
      "name": "Search.1.1: Search key, block or pod by token",
      "name": "Search.1.2: Search user by token",
  "name": "Teacher Keys.1: Students",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.1.1: Get attachment submissions (as student)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.1.2: Get comment submissions (as student)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.1.3: Get all students in a block",
  "name": "Teacher Keys.2: Teachers",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.1: Get student attachment submissions (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.2: Get student comment submissions (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.3: Add attachment to teacher pod (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.4: Add comment to teacher pod (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.5: Get block and pods' grades for a student (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.6: Publish student grades for a block",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.7: Bulk publish pod grades for a student",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.8: Bulk publish pod grades for students",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.9: Get block grades for all students",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.10: Get pod grades for all students",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.11: Assign grade to student",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.12: Assign pod grade for a student (as teacher)",
      "name": "Teacher Keys.2.13: Get student profile",
  "name": "Templates.1",
      "name": "Templates.1.1: Get key templates",
      "name": "Templates.1.2: Get block templates",
      "name": "Templates.1.3: Get pod templates",
  "name": "User.1",
      "name": "User.1.1: Get users",
      "name": "User.1.2: Get user by UUID",
      "name": "User.1.3: Deactivate user account",
  "name": "Version.1",
      "name": "Version.1.1: Get latest version",
      "name": "Version.1.2: Get app status",


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