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const (
	TeacherKeyName   = "School"
	TeacherBlockName = "Math"
	TeacherPodName   = "Final Exam"
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const (
	ProjectKeyName   = "Go Development"
	ProjectBlockName = "Status API"
	ProjectPodName   = "Define Endpoints"
	ProjectList1Name = "Statuses"
	ProjectList2Name = "Teams"
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const (
	CopyKeyName   = "Insurance"
	CopyBlockName = "Car Insurance"
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const (
	AttrsKeyName   = "Birds"
	AttrsBlockName = "Parrot"
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const (
	Key1Name         = "Taxes"
	AnotherKeyName   = "State Taxes"
	Block1Name       = "Form 1040"
	AnotherBlockName = "Form 1120S"
	Pod1Name         = "Income"
	BlockPod1Name    = "Expenses"
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const (
	KeyName          = "Diwali Festival"
	BlockName        = "Diwali Function"
	UpdatedBlockName = "Diwali Celebration"
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const (
	FavKeyName   = "FavoriteKey"
	FavBlockName = "FavoriteBlock"
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const (
	SchedulerKeyName   = "Tuition Class"
	SchedulerBlockName = "Final Exam"
	SchedulerPodName   = "Math Quiz"
	DueDate            = "2023-03-10T14:19:04.027Z"
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const (
	RelationKeyName   = "Animals"
	RelationBlockName = "Tiger"
	RelationPodName   = "Cat"


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func AddAndLinkResources

func AddAndLinkResources()

AddAndLinkResources Add block, pod & block pod to a key and link them into another key

func AddFavorite

func AddFavorite()

func AddProjectList

func AddProjectList()

func AddRelation

func AddRelation()

func CreatePrivateConversation

func CreatePrivateConversation()

CreatePrivateConversation Sign up, activate user, sign in, get all keys.

func FetchScheduler

func FetchScheduler()

func GetAllKeys

func GetAllKeys()

func GetResourceAttributes

func GetResourceAttributes()

GetResourceAttributes sign in, get resource attributes

func GrantAclOnCustomBlock

func GrantAclOnCustomBlock()

func PublishStudentGrade

func PublishStudentGrade()

func RegisterFewUsers

func RegisterFewUsers()

func ShareBlock

func ShareBlock()

func UpdateAttributes

func UpdateAttributes()

UpdateAttributes sign in, update key attributes, update block attributes, update pod attributes, update block pod attributes, get resource attributes


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