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func AddKey

func AddKey(jwtToken string, reqBody request.AddKeyReqBody) (response.Key, error)

func AddKeyBasedOnTemplate

func AddKeyBasedOnTemplate(
	jwtToken string,
	reqBody request.AddKeyReqBody,
	keyParam KeyByTemplateParam,
) (response.Key, error)

func ArchiveKey

func ArchiveKey(jwtToken string, keyId string) error

func BulkArchiveKeys

func BulkArchiveKeys(jwtToken string, keyIds []string) error

func GetArchivedKeys

func GetArchivedKeys(jwtToken string) ([]response.Key, error)

func GetKey

func GetKey(jwtToken string) (response.Key, error)

func GetKeys

func GetKeys(jwtToken string, batchIndex int) ([]response.Key, error)

func GetKeysFilteredByType

func GetKeysFilteredByType(jwtToken string, keyType string) ([]response.Key, error)

func GetKeysLinkedToAssessment

func GetKeysLinkedToAssessment(jwtToken string, keyParam common.ResourceIdParam) ([]response.Key, error)

func GetKeysLinkedToCourse

func GetKeysLinkedToCourse(jwtToken string, keyParam common.ResourceIdParam) ([]response.Key, error)

func UnarchiveKey

func UnarchiveKey(jwtToken string, keyId string) error

func UpdateKey

func UpdateKey(jwtToken string, reqBody UpdateKeyReqBody, keyId string) (response.Key, error)

func UpdateKeyDescription

func UpdateKeyDescription(jwtToken string, reqBody UpdateKeyDescReqBody, keyId string) (response.Key, error)


type KeyByTemplateParam

type KeyByTemplateParam struct {
	TemplateId         string
	ExcludeCourses     bool
	ExcludeAssessments bool
	ExcludeTasks       bool

type UpdateKeyDescReqBody

type UpdateKeyDescReqBody struct {
	Description string `json:"keyDescription"`

type UpdateKeyReqBody

type UpdateKeyReqBody struct {
	Name              *string `json:"keyName"`
	SimpleDescription *string `json:"simpleDescription"`
	Color             *string `json:"color"`
	Tags              *string `json:"tags"`
	KanbanMode        *bool   `json:"kanbanMode"`

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