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type AttrBagReq

type AttrBagReq struct {
	Name          string                `json:"name"`
	AttributesReq []common.BagAttribute `json:"attributes"`

type AttrBagsReq

type AttrBagsReq struct {
	BagIDs []string `json:"bagIDs"`

type AttributesReq

type AttributesReq struct {
	Attributes []AttributeReq `json:"attributes"`

type BagDateAttrReq

type BagDateAttrReq struct {
	ID   string                  `json:"ID"`
	Date common.BagPrimitiveAttr `json:"date"`

type BagFileAttrReq

type BagFileAttrReq struct {
	ID   string                  `json:"ID"`
	File common.BagPrimitiveAttr `json:"file"`

type BagNSSAttrReq

type BagNSSAttrReq struct {
	ID     string            `json:"ID"`
	Option common.BagNSSAttr `json:"option"`

type BagNumberAttrReq

type BagNumberAttrReq struct {
	ID     string                  `json:"ID"`
	Number common.BagPrimitiveAttr `json:"number"`

type BagSelectAttrReq

type BagSelectAttrReq struct {
	ID     string               `json:"ID"`
	Option common.BagSelectAttr `json:"option"`

type BagTextAttrReq

type BagTextAttrReq struct {
	ID   string                  `json:"ID"`
	Text common.BagPrimitiveAttr `json:"text"`

type MultiselectAttrReq

type MultiselectAttrReq = SelectAttrReq

type NSSAttrReq

type NSSAttrReq struct {
	Name    string             `json:"name"`
	Options []common.NSSOption `json:"options"`

type PrimitiveAttrReq

type PrimitiveAttrReq struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Label *bool  `json:"label,omitempty"`

type ProfileReqBody

type ProfileReqBody struct {
	UserID         string                `json:"userID"`
	Name           common.ProfileName    `json:"Name"`
	PhoneNumbers   []common.PhoneNumber  `json:"phoneNumbers"`
	EmailAddresses []common.EmailAddress `json:"emailAddresses"`

type ResetPasswordReqBody

type ResetPasswordReqBody struct {
	Password        string `json:"password"`
	ConfirmPassword string `json:"confirmPassword"`

type SelectAttrReq

type SelectAttrReq struct {
	Name    string                `json:"name"`
	Options []common.SelectOption `json:"options"`

type SignInReqBody

type SignInReqBody struct {
	Email    string `json:"email"`
	Password string `json:"password"`

type SignupReqBody

type SignupReqBody struct {
	Email           string `json:"email"`
	Password        string `json:"password"`
	ConfirmPassword string `json:"confirmPassword"`

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