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type BlockPairedMembers added in v1.0.4

type BlockPairedMembers struct {
	Members []common.PairedMember `json:"members"`

type BlockedBy

type BlockedBy struct {
	Tickets    []Ticket       `json:"Tickets"`
	OtherItems []string       `json:"OtherItems"`
	Members    []PairedMember `json:"Members"`

type Members

type Members struct {
	Members []common.Member `json:"members"`

type PairedMember added in v1.0.5

type PairedMember struct {
	MemberId      string   `json:"MemberID"`
	NonMemberName string   `json:"NonMemberName"`
	Items         []string `json:"Items"`

type PlanForToday

type PlanForToday struct {
	Tickets    []Ticket `json:"Tickets"`
	OtherItems []string `json:"OtherItems"`

type Profile

type Profile struct {
	ID               string                `json:"ID"`
	UserID           string                `json:"userId"`
	Name             common.ProfileName    `json:"Name"`
	PhoneNumbers     []common.PhoneNumber  `json:"PhoneNumbers"`
	EmailAddresses   []common.EmailAddress `json:"EmailAddresses"`
	UserEmailAddress string                `json:"UserEmailAddress"`
	LastModifiedOn   string                `json:"lastModifiedOn"`

type PullRequest added in v1.0.5

type PullRequest struct {
	Url         string `json:"Url"`
	Description string `json:"Description"`

type Role

type Role struct {
	ID    string `json:"id"`
	Title string `json:"title"`

type Roles

type Roles struct {
	Roles []Role `json:"roles"`

type Session

type Session struct {
	ID         string             `json:"ID"`
	SequenceId int                `json:"SequenceID"`
	Tickets    []SessionTicket    `json:"Tickets"`
	OtherItems []SessionOtherItem `json:"OtherItems"`

type SessionOtherItem

type SessionOtherItem struct {
	ID            string         `json:"ID"`
	Title         string         `json:"Title"`
	Type          string         `json:"Type"`
	TimeSpent     float32        `json:"TimeSpent"`
	PairedMembers []PairedMember `json:"PairedWith"`
	Comment       string         `json:"Comment"`

type SessionOtherItems

type SessionOtherItems struct {
	OtherItems []SessionOtherItem `json:"OtherItems"`

type SessionTicket

type SessionTicket struct {
	ID            string         `json:"ID"`
	TicketID      string         `json:"TicketID"`
	Type          string         `json:"Type"`
	Url           string         `json:"Url"`
	Description   string         `json:"Description"`
	Status        string         `json:"Status"`
	TimeSpent     float32        `json:"TimeSpent"`
	PullRequest   PullRequest    `json:"PullRequest"`
	PairedMembers []PairedMember `json:"PairedWith"`

type SessionTickets

type SessionTickets struct {
	Tickets []SessionTicket `json:"Tickets"`

type Sessions

type Sessions struct {
	Sessions []Session `json:"sessions"`

type Status

type Status struct {
	ID             string       `json:"ID"`
	TeamID         string       `json:"TeamID"`
	MemberId       string       `json:"MemberID"`
	StatusDate     string       `json:"StatusDate"`
	PlanForToday   PlanForToday `json:"PlanForToday"`
	Sessions       []Session    `json:"Sessions"`
	BlockedBy      BlockedBy    `json:"BlockedBy"`
	Active         bool         `json:"Active"`
	CreatedBy      string       `json:"CreatedBy"`
	UpdatedBy      string       `json:"UpdatedBy"`
	LastModifiedOn string       `json:"LastModifiedOn"`

type StatusOtherItems

type StatusOtherItems struct {
	OtherItems []string `json:"OtherItems"`

type Statuses

type Statuses struct {
	Statuses []Status `json:"statuses"`

type Team

type Team struct {
	ID                  string          `json:"ID"`
	Name                string          `json:"Name"`
	Members             []common.Member `json:"Members"`
	CreatedBy           string          `json:"CreatedBy"`
	UpdatedBy           string          `json:"UpdatedBy"`
	LastModifiedOn      string          `json:"LastModifiedOn"`
	DeletedMembersCount int             `json:"DeletedMembersCount"`

type Teams

type Teams struct {
	Teams []Team `json:"teams"`

type Ticket

type Ticket struct {
	ID          string `json:"ID"`
	TicketID    string `json:"TicketID"`
	Type        string `json:"Type"`
	Url         string `json:"Url"`
	Description string `json:"Description"`
	Status      string `json:"Status"`
	Points      int    `json:"Points"`

type Tickets

type Tickets struct {
	Tickets []Ticket `json:"tickets"`

type User

type User struct {
	ID          string `json:"id"`
	Uuid        string `json:"uuid"`
	Email       string `json:"email"`
	Inactive    bool   `json:"inactive"`
	Deactivated bool   `json:"userDeactivated"`
	Dormant     bool   `json:"dormant"`
	AvatarUrl   string `json:"avatarUrl"`
	JwtToken    string `json:"jwtToken"`

type UserRegistration

type UserRegistration struct {
	User User `json:"user"`

type Users

type Users struct {
	Users []User `json:"users"`

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