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Package lsp contains Go types for the messages used in the Language Server Protocol.

See for more information.



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const (
	Text  DocumentHighlightKind = 1
	Read                        = 2
	Write                       = 3
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const (
	MTError   MessageType = 1
	MTWarning             = 2
	Info                  = 3
	Log                   = 4
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const (
	Created FileChangeType = 1
	Changed                = 2
	Deleted                = 3
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const (
	Error       DiagnosticSeverity = 1
	Warning                        = 2
	Information                    = 3
	Hint                           = 4


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type CancelParams

type CancelParams struct {
	ID ID `json:"id"`

type ClientCapabilities

type ClientCapabilities struct {
	Workspace    WorkspaceClientCapabilities    `json:"workspace,omitempty"`
	TextDocument TextDocumentClientCapabilities `json:"textDocument,omitempty"`
	Experimental interface{}                    `json:"experimental,omitempty"`

	// XFilesProvider indicates the client provides support for
	// workspace/xfiles. This is a Sourcegraph extension.
	XFilesProvider bool `json:"xfilesProvider,omitempty"`

	// XContentProvider indicates the client provides support for
	// textDocument/xcontent. This is a Sourcegraph extension.
	XContentProvider bool `json:"xcontentProvider,omitempty"`

	// XCacheProvider indicates the client provides support for cache/get
	// and cache/set.
	XCacheProvider bool `json:"xcacheProvider,omitempty"`

type CodeActionContext

type CodeActionContext struct {
	Diagnostics []Diagnostic `json:"diagnostics"`

type CodeActionParams

type CodeActionParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`
	Range        Range                  `json:"range"`
	Context      CodeActionContext      `json:"context"`

type CodeLens

type CodeLens struct {
	Range   Range       `json:"range"`
	Command Command     `json:"command,omitempty"`
	Data    interface{} `json:"data,omitempty"`

type CodeLensOptions

type CodeLensOptions struct {
	ResolveProvider bool `json:"resolveProvider,omitempty"`

type CodeLensParams

type CodeLensParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`

type Command

type Command struct {
	 * Title of the command, like `save`.
	Title string `json:"title"`
	 * The identifier of the actual command handler.
	Command string `json:"command"`
	 * Arguments that the command handler should be
	 * invoked with.
	Arguments []interface{} `json:"arguments"`

type CompletionContext

type CompletionContext struct {
	TriggerKind      CompletionTriggerKind `json:"triggerKind"`
	TriggerCharacter string                `json:"triggerCharacter,omitempty"`

type CompletionItem

type CompletionItem struct {
	Label            string             `json:"label"`
	Kind             CompletionItemKind `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	Detail           string             `json:"detail,omitempty"`
	Documentation    string             `json:"documentation,omitempty"`
	SortText         string             `json:"sortText,omitempty"`
	FilterText       string             `json:"filterText,omitempty"`
	InsertText       string             `json:"insertText,omitempty"`
	InsertTextFormat InsertTextFormat   `json:"insertTextFormat,omitempty"`
	TextEdit         *TextEdit          `json:"textEdit,omitempty"`
	Data             interface{}        `json:"data,omitempty"`

type CompletionItemKind

type CompletionItemKind int
const (
	CIKText CompletionItemKind

func (CompletionItemKind) String

func (c CompletionItemKind) String() string

type CompletionList

type CompletionList struct {
	IsIncomplete bool             `json:"isIncomplete"`
	Items        []CompletionItem `json:"items"`

type CompletionOptions

type CompletionOptions struct {
	ResolveProvider   bool     `json:"resolveProvider,omitempty"`
	TriggerCharacters []string `json:"triggerCharacters,omitempty"`

type CompletionParams

type CompletionParams struct {
	Context CompletionContext `json:"context,omitempty"`

type CompletionTriggerKind

type CompletionTriggerKind int
const (
	CTKInvoked          CompletionTriggerKind = 1
	CTKTriggerCharacter                       = 2

type ConfigurationItem

type ConfigurationItem struct {
	ScopeURI string `json:"scopeUri,omitempty"`
	Section  string `json:"section,omitempty"`

type ConfigurationParams

type ConfigurationParams struct {
	Items []ConfigurationItem `json:"items"`

type ConfigurationResult

type ConfigurationResult []interface{}

type Diagnostic

type Diagnostic struct {
	 * The range at which the message applies.
	Range Range `json:"range"`

	 * The diagnostic's severity. Can be omitted. If omitted it is up to the
	 * client to interpret diagnostics as error, warning, info or hint.
	Severity DiagnosticSeverity `json:"severity,omitempty"`

	 * The diagnostic's code. Can be omitted.
	Code string `json:"code,omitempty"`

	 * A human-readable string describing the source of this
	 * diagnostic, e.g. 'typescript' or 'super lint'.
	Source string `json:"source,omitempty"`

	 * The diagnostic's message.
	Message string `json:"message"`

type DiagnosticSeverity

type DiagnosticSeverity int

type DidChangeConfigurationParams

type DidChangeConfigurationParams struct {
	Settings interface{} `json:"settings"`

type DidChangeTextDocumentParams

type DidChangeTextDocumentParams struct {
	TextDocument   VersionedTextDocumentIdentifier  `json:"textDocument"`
	ContentChanges []TextDocumentContentChangeEvent `json:"contentChanges"`

type DidChangeWatchedFilesParams

type DidChangeWatchedFilesParams struct {
	Changes []FileEvent `json:"changes"`

type DidCloseTextDocumentParams

type DidCloseTextDocumentParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`

type DidOpenTextDocumentParams

type DidOpenTextDocumentParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentItem `json:"textDocument"`

type DidSaveTextDocumentParams

type DidSaveTextDocumentParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`

type DocumentFormattingParams

type DocumentFormattingParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`
	Options      FormattingOptions      `json:"options"`

type DocumentHighlight

type DocumentHighlight struct {
	Range Range `json:"range"`
	Kind  int   `json:"kind,omitempty"`

type DocumentHighlightKind

type DocumentHighlightKind int

type DocumentOnTypeFormattingOptions

type DocumentOnTypeFormattingOptions struct {
	FirstTriggerCharacter string   `json:"firstTriggerCharacter"`
	MoreTriggerCharacter  []string `json:"moreTriggerCharacter,omitempty"`

type DocumentOnTypeFormattingParams

type DocumentOnTypeFormattingParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`
	Position     Position               `json:"position"`
	Ch           string                 `json:"ch"`
	Options      FormattingOptions      `json:"formattingOptions"`

type DocumentRangeFormattingParams

type DocumentRangeFormattingParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`
	Range        Range                  `json:"range"`
	Options      FormattingOptions      `json:"options"`

type DocumentSymbolParams

type DocumentSymbolParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`

type DocumentURI

type DocumentURI string

type ExecuteCommandOptions

type ExecuteCommandOptions struct {
	Commands []string `json:"commands"`

type ExecuteCommandParams

type ExecuteCommandParams struct {
	Command   string        `json:"command"`
	Arguments []interface{} `json:"arguments,omitempty"`

type FileChangeType

type FileChangeType int

type FileEvent

type FileEvent struct {
	URI  DocumentURI `json:"uri"`
	Type int         `json:"type"`

type FormattingOptions

type FormattingOptions struct {
	TabSize      int    `json:"tabSize"`
	InsertSpaces bool   `json:"insertSpaces"`
	Key          string `json:"key"`

type Hover

type Hover struct {
	Contents []MarkedString `json:"contents"`
	Range    *Range         `json:"range,omitempty"`

func (Hover) MarshalJSON

func (h Hover) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type ID

type ID struct {
	// At most one of Num or Str may be nonzero. If both are zero
	// valued, then IsNum specifies which field's value is to be used
	// as the ID.
	Num uint64
	Str string

	// IsString controls whether the Num or Str field's value should be
	// used as the ID, when both are zero valued. It must always be
	// set to true if the request ID is a string.
	IsString bool

ID represents a JSON-RPC 2.0 request ID, which may be either a string or number (or null, which is unsupported).

func (ID) MarshalJSON

func (id ID) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements json.Marshaler.

func (ID) String

func (id ID) String() string

func (*ID) UnmarshalJSON

func (id *ID) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements json.Unmarshaler.

type InitializeError

type InitializeError struct {
	Retry bool `json:"retry"`

type InitializeParams

type InitializeParams struct {
	ProcessID int `json:"processId,omitempty"`

	// RootPath is DEPRECATED in favor of the RootURI field.
	RootPath string `json:"rootPath,omitempty"`

	RootURI               DocumentURI        `json:"rootUri,omitempty"`
	InitializationOptions interface{}        `json:"initializationOptions,omitempty"`
	Capabilities          ClientCapabilities `json:"capabilities"`

func (*InitializeParams) Root

func (p *InitializeParams) Root() DocumentURI

Root returns the RootURI if set, or otherwise the RootPath with 'file://' prepended.

type InitializeResult

type InitializeResult struct {
	Capabilities ServerCapabilities `json:"capabilities,omitempty"`

type InsertTextFormat

type InsertTextFormat int
const (
	ITFPlainText InsertTextFormat = 1
	ITFSnippet                    = 2

type Location

type Location struct {
	URI   DocumentURI `json:"uri"`
	Range Range       `json:"range"`

type LogMessageParams

type LogMessageParams struct {
	Type    MessageType `json:"type"`
	Message string      `json:"message"`

type MarkedString

type MarkedString markedString

func RawMarkedString

func RawMarkedString(s string) MarkedString

RawMarkedString returns a MarkedString consisting of only a raw string (i.e., "foo" instead of {"value":"foo", "language":"bar"}).

func (MarkedString) MarshalJSON

func (m MarkedString) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*MarkedString) UnmarshalJSON

func (m *MarkedString) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type MessageActionItem

type MessageActionItem struct {
	Title string `json:"title"`

type MessageType

type MessageType int

type None

type None struct{}

type ParameterInformation

type ParameterInformation struct {
	Label         string `json:"label"`
	Documentation string `json:"documentation,omitempty"`

type Position

type Position struct {
	 * Line position in a document (zero-based).
	Line int `json:"line"`

	 * Character offset on a line in a document (zero-based).
	Character int `json:"character"`

func (Position) String

func (p Position) String() string

type PublishDiagnosticsParams

type PublishDiagnosticsParams struct {
	URI         DocumentURI  `json:"uri"`
	Diagnostics []Diagnostic `json:"diagnostics"`

type Range

type Range struct {
	 * The range's start position.
	Start Position `json:"start"`

	 * The range's end position.
	End Position `json:"end"`

func (Range) String

func (r Range) String() string

type ReferenceContext

type ReferenceContext struct {
	IncludeDeclaration bool `json:"includeDeclaration"`

	// Sourcegraph extension
	XLimit int `json:"xlimit,omitempty"`

type ReferenceParams

type ReferenceParams struct {
	Context ReferenceContext `json:"context"`

type RenameParams

type RenameParams struct {
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`
	Position     Position               `json:"position"`
	NewName      string                 `json:"newName"`

type SaveOptions

type SaveOptions struct {
	IncludeText bool `json:"includeText"`

type ServerCapabilities

type ServerCapabilities struct {
	TextDocumentSync                 *TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind   `json:"textDocumentSync,omitempty"`
	HoverProvider                    bool                             `json:"hoverProvider,omitempty"`
	CompletionProvider               *CompletionOptions               `json:"completionProvider,omitempty"`
	SignatureHelpProvider            *SignatureHelpOptions            `json:"signatureHelpProvider,omitempty"`
	DefinitionProvider               bool                             `json:"definitionProvider,omitempty"`
	TypeDefinitionProvider           bool                             `json:"typeDefinitionProvider,omitempty"`
	ReferencesProvider               bool                             `json:"referencesProvider,omitempty"`
	DocumentHighlightProvider        bool                             `json:"documentHighlightProvider,omitempty"`
	DocumentSymbolProvider           bool                             `json:"documentSymbolProvider,omitempty"`
	WorkspaceSymbolProvider          bool                             `json:"workspaceSymbolProvider,omitempty"`
	ImplementationProvider           bool                             `json:"implementationProvider,omitempty"`
	CodeActionProvider               bool                             `json:"codeActionProvider,omitempty"`
	CodeLensProvider                 *CodeLensOptions                 `json:"codeLensProvider,omitempty"`
	DocumentFormattingProvider       bool                             `json:"documentFormattingProvider,omitempty"`
	DocumentRangeFormattingProvider  bool                             `json:"documentRangeFormattingProvider,omitempty"`
	DocumentOnTypeFormattingProvider *DocumentOnTypeFormattingOptions `json:"documentOnTypeFormattingProvider,omitempty"`
	RenameProvider                   bool                             `json:"renameProvider,omitempty"`
	ExecuteCommandProvider           *ExecuteCommandOptions           `json:"executeCommandProvider,omitempty"`

	// XWorkspaceReferencesProvider indicates the server provides support for
	// xworkspace/references. This is a Sourcegraph extension.
	XWorkspaceReferencesProvider bool `json:"xworkspaceReferencesProvider,omitempty"`

	// XDefinitionProvider indicates the server provides support for
	// textDocument/xdefinition. This is a Sourcegraph extension.
	XDefinitionProvider bool `json:"xdefinitionProvider,omitempty"`

	// XWorkspaceSymbolByProperties indicates the server provides support for
	// querying symbols by properties with WorkspaceSymbolParams.symbol. This
	// is a Sourcegraph extension.
	XWorkspaceSymbolByProperties bool `json:"xworkspaceSymbolByProperties,omitempty"`

	Experimental interface{} `json:"experimental,omitempty"`

type ShowMessageParams

type ShowMessageParams struct {
	Type    MessageType `json:"type"`
	Message string      `json:"message"`

type ShowMessageRequestParams

type ShowMessageRequestParams struct {
	Type    MessageType         `json:"type"`
	Message string              `json:"message"`
	Actions []MessageActionItem `json:"actions"`

type SignatureHelp

type SignatureHelp struct {
	Signatures      []SignatureInformation `json:"signatures"`
	ActiveSignature int                    `json:"activeSignature"`
	ActiveParameter int                    `json:"activeParameter"`

type SignatureHelpOptions

type SignatureHelpOptions struct {
	TriggerCharacters []string `json:"triggerCharacters,omitempty"`

type SignatureInformation

type SignatureInformation struct {
	Label         string                 `json:"label"`
	Documentation string                 `json:"documentation,omitempty"`
	Parameters    []ParameterInformation `json:"parameters,omitempty"`

type SymbolInformation

type SymbolInformation struct {
	Name          string     `json:"name"`
	Kind          SymbolKind `json:"kind"`
	Location      Location   `json:"location"`
	ContainerName string     `json:"containerName,omitempty"`

type SymbolKind

type SymbolKind int
const (
	SKFile          SymbolKind = 1
	SKModule        SymbolKind = 2
	SKNamespace     SymbolKind = 3
	SKPackage       SymbolKind = 4
	SKClass         SymbolKind = 5
	SKMethod        SymbolKind = 6
	SKProperty      SymbolKind = 7
	SKField         SymbolKind = 8
	SKConstructor   SymbolKind = 9
	SKEnum          SymbolKind = 10
	SKInterface     SymbolKind = 11
	SKFunction      SymbolKind = 12
	SKVariable      SymbolKind = 13
	SKConstant      SymbolKind = 14
	SKString        SymbolKind = 15
	SKNumber        SymbolKind = 16
	SKBoolean       SymbolKind = 17
	SKArray         SymbolKind = 18
	SKObject        SymbolKind = 19
	SKKey           SymbolKind = 20
	SKNull          SymbolKind = 21
	SKEnumMember    SymbolKind = 22
	SKStruct        SymbolKind = 23
	SKEvent         SymbolKind = 24
	SKOperator      SymbolKind = 25
	SKTypeParameter SymbolKind = 26

The SymbolKind values are defined at

func (SymbolKind) String

func (s SymbolKind) String() string

type TextDocumentClientCapabilities

type TextDocumentClientCapabilities struct {
	Completion struct {
		CompletionItemKind struct {
			ValueSet []CompletionItemKind `json:"valueSet,omitempty"`
		} `json:"completionItemKind,omitempty"`
		CompletionItem struct {
			SnippetSupport bool `json:"snippetSupport,omitempty"`
		} `json:"completionItem,omitempty"`
	} `json:"completion,omitempty"`

	Implementation *struct {
		DynamicRegistration bool `json:"dynamicRegistration,omitempty"`
	} `json:"implementation,omitempty"`

type TextDocumentContentChangeEvent

type TextDocumentContentChangeEvent struct {
	Range       *Range `json:"range,omitEmpty"`
	RangeLength uint   `json:"rangeLength,omitEmpty"`
	Text        string `json:"text"`

type TextDocumentIdentifier

type TextDocumentIdentifier struct {
	 * The text document's URI.
	URI DocumentURI `json:"uri"`

type TextDocumentItem

type TextDocumentItem struct {
	 * The text document's URI.
	URI DocumentURI `json:"uri"`

	 * The text document's language identifier.
	LanguageID string `json:"languageId"`

	 * The version number of this document (it will strictly increase after each
	 * change, including undo/redo).
	Version int `json:"version"`

	 * The content of the opened text document.
	Text string `json:"text"`

type TextDocumentPositionParams

type TextDocumentPositionParams struct {
	 * The text document.
	TextDocument TextDocumentIdentifier `json:"textDocument"`

	 * The position inside the text document.
	Position Position `json:"position"`

type TextDocumentSyncKind

type TextDocumentSyncKind int

TextDocumentSyncKind is a DEPRECATED way to describe how text document syncing works. Use TextDocumentSyncOptions instead (or the Options field of TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind if you need to support JSON-(un)marshaling both).

const (
	TDSKNone        TextDocumentSyncKind = 0
	TDSKFull        TextDocumentSyncKind = 1
	TDSKIncremental TextDocumentSyncKind = 2

type TextDocumentSyncOptions

type TextDocumentSyncOptions struct {
	OpenClose         bool                 `json:"openClose,omitempty"`
	Change            TextDocumentSyncKind `json:"change"`
	WillSave          bool                 `json:"willSave,omitempty"`
	WillSaveWaitUntil bool                 `json:"willSaveWaitUntil,omitempty"`
	Save              *SaveOptions         `json:"save,omitempty"`

type TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind

type TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind struct {
	Kind    *TextDocumentSyncKind
	Options *TextDocumentSyncOptions

TextDocumentSyncOptions holds either a TextDocumentSyncKind or TextDocumentSyncOptions. The LSP API allows either to be specified in the (ServerCapabilities).TextDocumentSync field.

func (*TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind) MarshalJSON

func (v *TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements json.Marshaler.

func (*TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind) UnmarshalJSON

func (v *TextDocumentSyncOptionsOrKind) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements json.Unmarshaler.

type TextEdit

type TextEdit struct {
	 * The range of the text document to be manipulated. To insert
	 * text into a document create a range where start === end.
	Range Range `json:"range"`

	 * The string to be inserted. For delete operations use an
	 * empty string.
	NewText string `json:"newText"`

type VersionedTextDocumentIdentifier

type VersionedTextDocumentIdentifier struct {
	 * The version number of this document.
	Version int `json:"version"`

type WorkspaceClientCapabilities

type WorkspaceClientCapabilities struct{}

type WorkspaceEdit

type WorkspaceEdit struct {
	 * Holds changes to existing resources.
	Changes map[string][]TextEdit `json:"changes"`

type WorkspaceSymbolParams

type WorkspaceSymbolParams struct {
	Query string `json:"query"`
	Limit int    `json:"limit"`

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