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const (
	// BitbucketEndpoint is the fqdn used to talk to bitbucket
	BitbucketEndpoint string = ""


This section is empty.


func Provider

func Provider() terraform.ResourceProvider


type BitbucketClient

type BitbucketClient struct {
	Username   string
	Password   string
	HTTPClient *http.Client

func (*BitbucketClient) Delete

func (c *BitbucketClient) Delete(endpoint string) (*http.Response, error)

func (*BitbucketClient) Do added in v0.9.3

func (c *BitbucketClient) Do(method, endpoint string, payload *bytes.Buffer) (*http.Response, error)

func (*BitbucketClient) Get

func (c *BitbucketClient) Get(endpoint string) (*http.Response, error)

func (*BitbucketClient) Post

func (c *BitbucketClient) Post(endpoint string, jsonpayload *bytes.Buffer) (*http.Response, error)

func (*BitbucketClient) Put

func (c *BitbucketClient) Put(endpoint string, jsonpayload *bytes.Buffer) (*http.Response, error)

func (*BitbucketClient) PutOnly

func (c *BitbucketClient) PutOnly(endpoint string) (*http.Response, error)

type CloneUrl

type CloneUrl struct {
	Href string `json:"href,omitempty"`
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

type Error added in v0.9.3

type Error struct {
	APIError struct {
		Message string `json:"message,omitempty"`
	} `json:"error,omitempty"`
	Type       string `json:"type,omitempty"`
	StatusCode int
	Endpoint   string

Error represents a error from the bitbucket api.

func (Error) Error added in v0.9.3

func (e Error) Error() string

type Hook

type Hook struct {
	Uuid        string   `json:"uuid,omitempty"`
	Url         string   `json:"url,omitempty"`
	Description string   `json:"description,omitempty"`
	Active      bool     `json:"active,omitempty"`
	Events      []string `json:"events,omitempty"`

type PaginatedReviewers

type PaginatedReviewers struct {
	Values []Reviewer `json:"values,omitempty"`

type Repository

type Repository struct {
	SCM         string `json:"scm,omitempty"`
	HasWiki     bool   `json:"has_wiki,omitempty"`
	HasIssues   bool   `json:"has_issues,omitempty"`
	Website     string `json:"website,omitempty"`
	IsPrivate   bool   `json:"is_private,omitempty"`
	ForkPolicy  string `json:"fork_policy,omitempty"`
	Language    string `json:"language,omitempty"`
	Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`
	Name        string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	UUID        string `json:"uuid,omitempty"`
	Project     struct {
		Key string `json:"key,omitempty"`
	} `json:"project,omitempty"`
	Links struct {
		Clone []CloneUrl `json:"clone,omitempty"`
	} `json:"links,omitempty"`

type Reviewer

type Reviewer struct {
	DisplayName string `json:"display_name,omitempty"`
	UUID        string `json:"uuid,omitempty"`
	Username    string `json:"username,omitempty"`
	Type        string `json:"type,omitempty"`

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