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func ApikeyCreate

func ApikeyCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ApikeyCreate creates ns1 API key

func ApikeyDelete

func ApikeyDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ApikeyDelete deletes the given ns1 api key

func ApikeyRead

func ApikeyRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ApikeyRead reads API key from ns1

func ApikeyUpdate

func ApikeyUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ApikeyUpdate updates the given api key in ns1

func DataFeedCreate

func DataFeedCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataFeedCreate creates an ns1 datafeed

func DataFeedDelete

func DataFeedDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataFeedDelete delets the given datafeed from ns1

func DataFeedRead

func DataFeedRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataFeedRead reads the datafeed for the given ID from ns1

func DataFeedUpdate

func DataFeedUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataFeedUpdate updates the given datafeed with modified parameters

func DataSourceCreate

func DataSourceCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataSourceCreate creates an ns1 datasource

func DataSourceDelete

func DataSourceDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataSourceDelete deteltes the given datasource from ns1

func DataSourceRead

func DataSourceRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataSourceRead fetches info for the given datasource from ns1

func DataSourceUpdate

func DataSourceUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

DataSourceUpdate updates the datasource with given parameters

func MonitoringJobCreate

func MonitoringJobCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

MonitoringJobCreate Creates monitoring job in ns1

func MonitoringJobDelete

func MonitoringJobDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

MonitoringJobDelete deteltes the given monitoring job from ns1

func MonitoringJobRead

func MonitoringJobRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

MonitoringJobRead reads the given monitoring job from ns1

func MonitoringJobUpdate

func MonitoringJobUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

MonitoringJobUpdate updates the given monitoring job

func NotifyListCreate added in v0.9.0

func NotifyListCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

NotifyListCreate creates an ns1 notifylist

func NotifyListDelete added in v0.9.0

func NotifyListDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

NotifyListDelete deletes the given notifylist from ns1

func NotifyListRead added in v0.9.0

func NotifyListRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

NotifyListRead fetches info for the given notifylist from ns1

func NotifyListUpdate added in v0.9.0

func NotifyListUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

NotifyListUpdate updates the notifylist with given parameters

func Provider

func Provider() terraform.ResourceProvider

Provider returns a terraform.ResourceProvider.

func RecordCreate

func RecordCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

RecordCreate creates DNS record in ns1

func RecordDelete

func RecordDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

RecordDelete deltes the DNS record from ns1

func RecordRead

func RecordRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

RecordRead reads the DNS record from ns1

func RecordStateFunc

func RecordStateFunc(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) ([]*schema.ResourceData, error)

func RecordUpdate

func RecordUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

RecordUpdate updates the given dns record in ns1

func TeamCreate

func TeamCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

TeamCreate creates the given team in ns1

func TeamDelete

func TeamDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

TeamDelete deletes the given team from ns1

func TeamRead

func TeamRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

TeamRead reads the team data from ns1

func TeamUpdate

func TeamUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

TeamUpdate updates the given team in ns1

func UserCreate

func UserCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

UserCreate creates the given user in ns1

func UserDelete

func UserDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

UserDelete deletes the given user from ns1

func UserRead

func UserRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

UserRead reads the given users data from ns1

func UserUpdate

func UserUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

UserUpdate updates the user with given parameters in ns1

func ZoneCreate

func ZoneCreate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ZoneCreate creates the given zone in ns1

func ZoneDelete

func ZoneDelete(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ZoneDelete deteles the given zone from ns1

func ZoneRead

func ZoneRead(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ZoneRead reads the given zone data from ns1

func ZoneStateFunc

func ZoneStateFunc(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) ([]*schema.ResourceData, error)

func ZoneUpdate

func ZoneUpdate(d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) error

ZoneUpdate updates the zone with given params in ns1


type Config added in v0.9.2

type Config struct {
	Key       string
	Endpoint  string
	IgnoreSSL bool

func (*Config) Client added in v0.9.2

func (c *Config) Client() (*ns1.Client, error)

Client() returns a new NS1 client.

type MetaField

type MetaField struct {
	NameInDynamicForFeed string
	StructIndex          int
	StructGoType         reflect.Type

type MetaFieldSpec

type MetaFieldSpec struct {
	NameInDynamic string
	NameInStruct  string
	SchemaBuilder TfSchemaBuilder

type StringEnum

type StringEnum struct {
	ValueMap  map[string]int
	Expecting string

func NewStringEnum

func NewStringEnum(values []string) *StringEnum

func (*StringEnum) Check

func (se *StringEnum) Check(v string) (int, error)

func (*StringEnum) ValidateFunc

func (se *StringEnum) ValidateFunc(v interface{}, k string) (ws []string, es []error)

type TfSchemaBuilder

type TfSchemaBuilder func(*schema.Schema)

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